Skyrim Nintendo Switch Doesn't Appear to be Remastered

It really doesn't look like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim heading to Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017 will be the remastered Special Edition version of the game launched in late 2016. Nintendo has recently put up many store pages for a number of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles and Skyrim is one to take note of. When it was recently announced as heading to the Nintendo Switch it looked as though this version of the game would be the remastered one that launched on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in late 2016. Since then Todd Howard of Bethesda even said in an interview that he "Can't Say" which version of the game is coming. This is rather odd as a company would probably be proud of having their remaster or best version of the game on a platform and say it. There's probably some legal aspect to what he said, but very strange indeed. I find this statement to hint towards it not being the latest version of Skyrim and that would be quite disappointing. The main thing I'm going to now explore is the Nintendo Switch Skyrim page as I just wanted to give some extra context before getting to that.

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The first thing to look at for the store page is that the title is purely just "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®" and not "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition" as it appears on all other platforms. This is also mirrored in the page's meta tag that help describe web pages as it states the same regular title in the meta content. The next aspect is the description which adds the award count that the game received, but then carries the same general description as Skyrim on Xbox 360 when comparing the text. It doesn't mention any of the new improvements of the game or even if it has mod support which is a big deal for the remastered version for consoles. In the legal/details area it also doesn't state anywhere that Skyrim Special Edition is trademarked instead opting to just use the regular title of the game. This all comes together to what I would assume isn't the remastered version of Skyrim and instead a port from the game that launched about six years ago. I would find it honestly disappointing considering the improvements in Special Edition and somewhat interesting as I don't get why anyone would want old vanilla Skyrim. They may very well be doing some mixed hybrid version of the Switch one to get it running on both modes (on the go/home) versions the Nintendo Switch has or adding some gimmick feature. I'm sure we'll get details closer towards E3 as it might be shown there or perhaps not until the full launch as the Switch itself has been mysterious.

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