The Nintendo Switch Could be a Huge Success

It's really been hit or miss with a number of the Nintendo Switch announcements and features though there is potential that the hybrid console could be a huge success. I wasn't at all a fan of the Switch's official reveal finding it to be a terrible way to announce the console to the public, but there are certain things about this console that make it appealing. There's always first the foremost the Nintendo aspect with their lovely first party titles and fun games. When you're getting a Nintendo product you know it's going to appeal to all ages and that it'll be a great time. The big question there is what sort of support the console will have from first party as the WiiU suffered while Nintendo focused on the 3DS. It's also interesting that while the WiiU has been shut down prior to the launch of the Switch that the 3DS will still be carried forward. This creates a question of whether Nintendo is going all in on this console. If it's we should get a plethora of titles that would have been locked to either their handheld or console in the past. It'll also get heavier dedication from their third party having just one place to build their games and while the work might be a bit harder to support the hybrid versions it does streamline production. If the games are there that mobile and console gamers both like then it should combine the audiences.

The Nintendo Switch Could be a Huge Success

Another appealing aspect is just the general console itself, it seems compact and exciting. It features strange new components that are sure to attract attention and if they perform well in use they could be a killer feature. It also packs something for each type of gamer being a docked place with some extra power if you're a hardcore standard console gamer or easy dock out for travel. This of course knocks down what the console can do, but it's the first time that quality somewhat HD Nintendo games can be taken out on the road. I'm unsure how ridiculous it would look carrying the console as it's apparently on the larger side of things, but that would need to be tested. One larger draw will of course be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without any further comment as I've already greatly praised that game a number of times.

The console also has a wide range of peripherals available for it and while these can range in high pricings they do offer choice. You can really play this console anyway you'd like whether the controls are blocked onto the side of it or detached the base model allows for whatever. This is opened up with that wide range of extra controllers available with the Pro or the steering wheel and I imagine retro options will be available at some point as well. The options to easily play together are usually drawing and for families the Switch can provide a central place for multiple people to easily play at once. There's also some that's oddly exciting about a console release most likely as it's a new place to enjoy potential future games. It's also important as a deciding factor for how well a console does in the future as that really can set the stage for its entire life span. It'll be interesting to see how the Nintendo Switch performs once out in the wild and if the exciting factors will gather the crowds of gamers.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner