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Super Mario Odyssey is by far Nintendo's Biggest Trailer

With the Nintendo Switch fast approaching Nintendo has released a number of trailers for some of the launch titles and even some games releasing later in the year. Surprisingly it seems that Super Mario Odyssey is actually Nintendo's biggest trailer in that it's their most viewed game trailer ever. Mario is a staple for Nintendo, but with all the excitement around The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild one would expect there to be more hype and views. This isn't to say that there's a huge difference in views between these two trailers though if you look slightly deeper there's a large difference in time. Having been released during E3 2016 the Breath of the Wild trailer is at 11.2 million views whereas in just a few weeks the Mario trailer has gathered 11.3 million. This is very surprising as one might assume Zelda would gather more attention releasing on Nintendo Switch and WiiU, that it's the major first party launch title for the Switch and that it releases right away.

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I certainly understand why Mario might gain a pile of views considering he's the mascot though it's somewhat insane to be hitting that many views so quickly. It's also worth noting that none of the other Nintendo Switch game trailers have come even close to these numbers and with this carried support Mario Odyssey might be the huge hit that Nintendo is looking for during Fall 2017 as the comments and votes seem to be very supportive for the title. It also makes me wonder if Breath of the Wild will have as strong of support from gamers in comparison to Mario. While the E3 2016 trailer was released awhile ago though there was a new Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch trailer that marks at number two for Switch trailers though that only carries 7.1 million views in the same few weeks span of Mario Odyssey. Whatever the case is, it'll be interesting to see how both titles are received once they launch. I'm personally extremely excited for Breath of the Wild as I've thoroughly enjoyed playing it at E3 2016 and think it'll be well received by gamers and critics.

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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