Nintendo Switch: The Positives

I was not even a bit impressed by the Nintendo Switch reveal presentation with it actually putting me off on the console along with finding the price far too high for my region. That aside I thought I'd look at some of the positives of the Nintendo Switch. I don't want to come off too negative towards the console as there is some appeal there. When it comes to the actual console itself the idea of doing a hybrid system is perfect for Nintendo. They've had some serious issues balancing games in the past mainly with WiiU getting few titles and some bad mobile ports. This was in opposition to their mobile platform, the 3DS which was getting a plethora of titles released and specifically designed for it. Now with the Switch that problem is solved by streamlining all development onto a single platform. It might be a tad big to carry around in comparison to the 3DS, but it's much better to look at and does become a console when a TV is available anywhere. The battery also sounds decent for the device and I'd imagine that additional battery packs could be available, but I won't give a definite plus here until more graphic intensive games are tested for their battery usage.

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There are also an absolute ton of peripherals and while that might seem expensive, this variety of options could be great. I'm not sure if I'll like the regular pad or the Joy Cons at all, but I know for sure the Pro controller will be solid. It looks familiar to the Xbox layout which was what the WiiU Pro followed that I enjoyed using on that platform and with this variety of controller options the Switch has something for everyone. The console is also region free for the first time which seems to be something that all platforms are embracing and it's about time. With paid multiplayer coming down the pipeline the service might actually improve as it's not great in its current state, but I'm putting this down in the maybe and Nintendo will have to earn the paid for online service. This is probably what they're testing by initially offering it for free to get some opinions and show what it can do.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a launch title and it's absolutely amazing (last played E3 2016). The hype around this game is really high and it's sure to be a big deal in showing off the Switch's potential. This will of course have to be proved, but it should fully display the console's ability to be a solid home and mobile platform. Other games also seem to be supporting local multiplayer in so many ways and options which is nice for those that like local play. This being in having multiple players on a single Switch, multiple Switches with multiple people and other multiplayer combinations. It's been a long time since we've seen a proper 3D Mario title and while Odyssey didn't entirely impress me during the reveal I'm not counting this one out considering the release is far off. There's a vast amount of time for it to completely change and evolve with development, hopefully I'll be able to check it out at E3 2017. Whatever the case is, there's something that's definitely enticing about Nintendo's latest console. I'm still going to be really cautious with this one due to owning a WiiU and the initial reveal, will be really interesting to see how well the launch goes. At this point I'm going to be waiting for some more to get me interested as I'm sure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will run just fine on WiiU (glad they're releasing it for both).

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