Nintendo Switch Reveal was just Horrible

While I'm not sure where to begin with this, I'll start by saying that the Switch presentation reveal was just horrible and hard to sit through. I was cautious of this console before the event even feeling some hype going into it, but I've left without any care for the console. I can't really see who would be interested in this based on price or even who the target audience is. At $299 ($399 Canada, the hell) this is just not cheap enough to compare to the better quality consoles available from Xbox and Playstation. The accessories are also crazy high in price probably being around $100 where I am though in that $70-90 range in the US. The controllers also come across as a gimmick being too tiny for regular players though I'd need to actually hold them to give a fair impression.

I had the bright idea to have a viewing party for this console reveal and it was like watching a comedy event. One of my friends quit twenty minutes in because he couldn't handle what it and by the end only a single member of my party stayed through it all. There was a moment where someone had ice cubes in a glass? There was another where people looked just stupid for a few minutes playing some party type game? I was confused for most of it and didn't understand why they wasted so much time explaining simple concepts we understand. They didn't show any helpful specs only giving us the battery life 2.5-6 hours (I'd assume lower end if any game actually takes graphic power) and just some colored controllers. I also found out after that the screen graphics are 1280x720 with a 6.2" screen, I really hope that it's actual HD when plugged in.

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Arms is one of the worst games I've ever seen and I was surprised how much time was spent on this. It was also rather odd how much focus went to motion control type mini games opposed to presenting some big hits. Zelda is obviously going to be a big deal (it's incredible, I've played it at E3) but I'm most likely just going to play it on WiiU. The Mario looked an awful lot like Sonic 06 in regards to real people and the setting. Another complaint there was the graphic quality with rough edges that plagued most of their games. I also hope they improve the render distance as seeing those painted skyboxes in the distance were not pretty. Splatoons 2 might be fun though I'm not entirely trustworthy of Nintendo release dates (Pikmin 3 among others). The biggest issue this console is going to have will be games, there wasn't much announced and everything that was had no release dates. There's a port of Mario Kart 8 coming April 28th, 2017 though I'm sure most people have already gone through that. It was mostly just concepts with a random timeline thrown down and that's not enough to get me to buy a console anymore after the WiiU's lack of games.

That presentation was a joke, I'm trying to be somewhat nice as I do enjoy working with and covering Nintendo titles though that was bad. I wasn't sure what the goals of the event were as they didn't give us enough vital information and the quantity of games doesn't create interest. Their English translator didn't seem to care, even coming across as depressed and seemingly missing portions. Even their big title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't exclusive to the new platform so most will probably just play it on WiiU. The idea of a hybrid console is great and all though the execution here killed any hype I had. I also want to add that paid for online play was a laughable announcement, even with some free games and unless they've seriously improved the service from WiiU I can't imagine it being a strong network.

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