Minecraft Nintendo Switch: What to Expect

Minecraft Nintendo Switch has been announced and while it's not out yet using past knowledge I can make assumptions on what type of Minecraft version this will be. When it comes to Minecraft, every single important device has it from PC to Mobile devices and all modern consoles. These are also handled differently depending on the platform as well. The creators of Minecraft; Mojang work on the PC Java, Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions. I would assume Mojang won't really have anything to do with this version, but I do have a thought on what they could possibly do for the platform, but I'll discuss it a bit further down.

The most likely choice of developer on Switch Minecraft would be 4J Studios, the ones who have developed all console versions starting with Minecraft Xbox 360 many years ago. Since then they've worked on Minecraft; Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Wii U editions. Having that background of working on consoles and doing the Minecraft WiiU edition would most likely mean they're doing Minecraft Nintendo Switch. They've also tweeted a picture of them showing off Minecraft on a Nintendo Switch with a smiley emoticon so that would somewhat confirm it. This in turn would mean that it's likely the version will follow the same design as past Minecraft console editions.

To keep things simple for updates, the team breaks Minecraft down into groups based on power. The Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and WiiU all have a smaller more compressed version of the game whereas as Xbox One and Playstation 4 have a larger one. The better versions include a better resolution, improved visuals and much larger worlds to build in. It's still all relatively the same game, but you can easily tell the differences between them. All updates are the same between versions though so no one misses out there. Based on the technical aspects of the Switch and it's split between console or mobile I'd say power wise it would end up in that lower ring. It might be able to pull off the higher versions though if it's had a lot of time spent on optimization, but at this point I can't see it.

Building on it being at around the same level as WiiU means that many of the same aspects would carry over. I'm not sure what Nintendo eShop is doing though I'd hope that purchased DLC licenses on WiiU could carry forward like on 360 to One and PS3 to PS4. I honestly doubt this considering it's Nintendo, but who knows and it would be great. The same skins, texture packs and mash-ups packs would still be most likely available on the Switch edition considering they keep it mostly equal. I would also imagine the Mario Mash-Up pack would be available there as it's awesome and the only exclusive item produced for Nintendo. The controls would be similar to the WiiU considering it's another tablet variant, but I'd assume the game would support the Switch Pro Controller as well. I can't honestly expect each JoyCon to act as a controller for splitscreen, but who knows what could happen there.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch: What to Expect Minecraft Switch Mushroom Screenshot

It would be nice to see this version of Minecraft be based on the Win10/Pocket Edition version as that could enable great cross-play and Realm options. This is probably just a nice side thought, but it would be best to have all versions of Minecraft aligned with each other. It's amazing to have the full version of Minecraft on a phone and then to play with those on PC so it would be even better to have all versions in harmony. That might happen someday, but is unlikely here. That was basically what to expect for Minecraft Nintendo Switch and I'll be sure to check it out in the future as I've played ever other version of it thus far.

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