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All Future Xbox Games Should be Xbox Play Anywhere

There's some debate on Xbox towards what exactly an exclusive game is at this point and some for perhaps valid reasons want Xbox titles to stick to the console. I on the other hand feel that every Xbox game, or at least Xbox exclusives released from this point forward should be a Xbox Play Anywhere title. The offering of buying a game and owning that everywhere makes complete sense as it was always terrible to re-buy games if you wanted to experience the PC side of it. With Xbox Play Anywhere I can choose to play the games where ever I'd like seamlessly. The program lets you sync game saves, achievements and settings flawlessly between the two platforms which is great.

For the main part of a day I can enjoy games comfortably on the TV and then at night when I'd like to watch a movie or show I can keep playing by continuing my progress on PC. It's actually amazing to have the option and that I don't have to restart when moving platforms either as everything just carries over in a few seconds of syncing. This would be particularly nice for those that have multiple family members that need to use a TV and you can just change where you're playing without skipping a beat. Not only is choice a valuable option, but the program also brings value in that you own this game in two key places as you might have a console and a PC or even just one of them. You don't even need to own both platforms, but if you do ever get one in the future that game will be waiting.

All Future Xbox Games Should be Xbox Play Anywhere

This aspect is fantastic as you can have console players just going on like nothing has happened while also grabbing that PC or other console owner that wouldn't have gotten to play Xbox exclusives whether that's first or third party games. Additionally, by collecting these players and with cross-play in place for some titles you can essentially grow the player base possibly expanding the multiplayer life of many games. It's basically a case towards pushing forward at that all digital future and this program fits nicely into it. I can see where some gamers might have issues with titles not being locked to the platform to sell it, but the profit and growth is in gaining the largest possible player pool. It's definitely a beneficial system for both consumers and publishers/developers. I've already taken a great liking to it and believe that all future Xbox games should be Xbox Play Anywhere. I wouldn't expect them to force developers to work with the system, but for exclusives this should be the case and it would be fantastic to see other groups continue to release this way as there already seems to be an influx of titles releasing with support.

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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