The Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Festival was a Blast

Final Fantasy XV can be a very serious game at times and it's nice to see this crazy completely out of the way festival event come in. Downloading it for free from the store you're able to enjoy the magical event that is the Chocobo Festival at shows up at the end of January in real life. This event is based around the magical Final Fantasy giant chickens named Chocobo and the Moogle as well for a bit. The event is accessed regardless of where you are in the story from the main menu. This separate event throws you into the lovely city of Altissia for some crazy decorations and fun mini events. The entire town area has been decorated for this function from its people to the structures and even has some fun games thrown into the mix.

Your general goal is collect 50 total tickets from doing events around the area which eventually allows you to watch the ending fireworks show. There are other costumes and such to unlock while playing if that's your thing, but I mostly just wanted to pass through it all. The games available were brief, yet lots of fun from Chocobo racing to beating a cactus and even helping gather lost Chocobo chicks. You could also take part in some competitions for taking pictures, fishing or doing other regular activities but with a Chocobo theme. There was a lot to do and it actually took me a full hour to collect everything so it's a fun side adventure to take part in. It was also nice to just take in the sights as this place was beautiful and it was great to see the regular citizens just enjoying it as well. I definitely suggest checking this event out as it was a blast and I look forward to seeing what else they do in the future.

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Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Fireworks Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner