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Tekken 7 E3 2016 Impressions

Tekken has returned with the latest entry in the fighting series bringing with it new finesse and style. The well known fighting game will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. It'll also feature cross-play between the Playstation 4 and PC players with no word on Xbox getting anything like that. When you pre-order to buy Tekken 7 on Xbox One you also get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free which is backwards compatible on the console. Tekken 7 is also set for an early 2017 launch on all platforms and has been built on Unreal Engine 4 which definitely shows in the great looking gameplay.

The game will also be introducing nine new characters and bringing with it a Rage Mode that can completely heal players that are on the edge of defeat. This is an interesting mechanic and I'll need more time with the game to really give my thoughts on this change to the combat formula. There are fully interactive scenes in the game with dialogue though what was on the E3 2016 show floor was just combat. I also want to mention that the scenes have removed loading between them for a smooth and cinematic experience without delays. The game was fluid, looked great and had a distinct style to the art that looked nice. It plays well as any other fighters released on this generation of consoles while still retaining the classic Tekken feel. I didn't get a ton of time with the game, but I'm sure fans will appreciate the latest title and I look forward to checking it out when it releases for full thoughts.

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Tekken 7 E3 2016 Impressions

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