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Elex E3 2016 Impressions

Elex is an open world science fantasy RPG game that combines all those fancy words into one streamlined experience headed to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC in 2017. The game is actually quite wild in design as our demo started off with what looked like a fairly standard RPG title until the developer brought out a jetpack and was zooming around. That was certainly neat and took me right by surprise while only opening more questions about the game. With that Elex is an element that is consumed for more magical effects within the game though we didn't get too in-depth of answer on just what yet. It's a single player game that allows you to explore a fairly vast world that's going to b around the same size as Skyrim. It's also a full world that you can go anywhere you see and this was demonstrated with some wide zoom outs to show the world and it looked nice. There's also a good selection of biomes I saw from the regular forest to desert and snow peaks as well.

Being a vast world it's also filled with NPCs that have lives and move around on daily routines which you could use to your advantage. You can also kill anyone in the game if you'd like and our demo of that had the whole town coming after the developer which was funny. It also has a full day and night cycle along with time of which we were given a quick speed through of. That looked really beautiful and matched the visuals around the world which also look great. That's really all the information I received while there as the demo really just was about walking around for a bit and showing off the general concept of the game. It looks as though the world is mostly finished just from the big zoom out and I imagine they're working on quests or filling that world.

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Elex E3 2016 Impressions

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