Astro a50 Wireless Headset E3 2016 Impressions

This being my second E3 I thought I'd further a started tradition of first checking out Astro as they have a nice meeting room and you avoid the starting crowd frenzy. With that I got to join in on a look at their new Astro a50 Wireless headset line-up coming in summer 2016. Astro is obviously the best quality name in gaming headsets providing a premium and long lasting product. These headsets are truly a thing of beauty and you can see images for both versions below. The primary headset I did get to play around with during the presentation was the Xbox One green headset which worked well as that's the console I primarily play on. We got a nice demo and chat with I believe an offer to come back later to play, wasn't sure. Anyways, I gathered a pile of information for this new line and let's dig into it. The headsets are completely wireless and work well with glasses while also providing an ergo fit. The headset is also built to last so it doesn't have a super speedy charge rate coming in at 4 hours for better battery health and this will gain you 15 hours of battery life which is great. This time around no extra chat cable is needed, it fully supports Dolby 7.1 with better sound technology and comes with this awesome battery stand. It's actually quite great as we got to try it out with just setting the headphones on easily and it charging up. It even features a great notification bar that you can see in the corner of the dock in the pictures to let you know how the progress is going.

Astro a50 Xbox One Green Wireless Headset E3 2016 Impressions

These new models also come with a great feature of energy saving mode whenever they're placed on the ground. This feature worked well as we also got to try it out, I just set it down and it went energy save then picked it up where it immediately was ready to go again. There are also a number of new features such as mix amp mixed in, low noise quality and that you can flip the mic up to mute it which is fancy. The headsets also have 5ghertz for low latency and a robust connection. Included with the headsets is also the Astro command center software for custom headset mixes that you can flick easily between a few on the headset while having unlimited programmed to your computer command center. It's also easy to share these online with others so pro players or streamers can let everyone know the best settings for what they do. I really loved these new models finding them quite comfy to the touch and when in use. These will definitely be the standard for the current generation and I'm sure the reception will be warm, hopefully the site will get to check these out at some point as well for a review. The Astro a50 wireless headset will retail at the usual $300 USD range coming in Summer 2016 with a target of August. There are also mod kits available which are new that add some extra customization and those retail at $39 USD.

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