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Naughty America VR Porn E3 2016 Impressions

One of the more popular and off to the side booths at E3 2016 was the Naughty America VR experience. I booked a session with them as I knew it would be a big ticket booking and that it was something different from everything else as E3 is somewhat of a gaming trades show. Maybe a bit less this year with all the VR things I tested as most weren't games. Anyways, back to the Naughty America VR booking, I got to go through the full demo though sadly missed the chat as my times got messed up. I did however follow up with some questions that they were quick to reply about. At the event I was testing their content demo reel using the Samsung Gear VR though you can use the content on any of the core VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or even plain old cardboard. Being on the Gear VR I was actually surprised how good it looked as games seem to have a real pixel effect on that one usually whereas this was clear from what I recall. The demo is basically just going through a bunch of the various scenarios they're displaying and it looked good. It was about on par with the usual porn minus the personal choice as this was pre-selected obviously. It's displayed in a true 180° stereoscopic 3D so there's some depth in there and the sound is realistic to the environment (binaural for fancy audio people). That means you get just a front and peripheral view instead of the usual 360° on VR, but that's not needed for porn.

Naughty America VR Porn E3 2016 Impressions

When watching it was good, the actresses were reacting to me looking around as being a reviewer I'm always looking everywhere to test parameters and that was neat. It also apparently has head tracking so you get freedom in response to the environment making somewhat of a game I suppose in the loosest of sense. As far as details could go it looks realistic, grants the first person perspective and puts you into the scenarios that are usually oddly shown from a third perspective which never made sense. It was just like regular porn and for those looking at getting a proper virtual reality porn experience than this is the way to go, they also have expansive content as well. Currently Naughty America offers around 50 VR scenes with 1-2 releasing each week and they span across all the themes that the site has available while starring many of their usual performers. A membership to their service also offers HD/4K viewings with the typical 12 scene releases. At the current moment they only offer Male POV for the Porn VR as they're still gathering feedback on Female POV which I feel should be available as well so everyone feels included I suppose. I had originally thought it was available as they have it on their site, but I suppose it could just be a work in progress. You can find out more details at their official website from the link below.

Official Naughty America VR Site (NSFW Obviously)

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