LEGO Dimensions September 2016 Sets

LEGO Dimensions has been one of my favorite games this past year pushing just a pile of unique franchises into one big awesome space and that continues with the new waves starting September 27, 2016. The first wave of new content includes six new packs which each bring their own style to the mix and all come from large franchises. It also introduces the first story pack which is a larger take on the level packs which should be quite interesting as I'm curious of the cost and if it'll be worthwhile as I'm not a huge fan of these new Ghostbusters. That aside it was great at E3 2016 to check these out and the guide there that assisted me with questions was awesome as well.

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Movie Story Pack

The first package as displayed above is the "Ghostbusters: The Complete Movie" Story Pack which is supposed to be a larger campaign addition that comes in a large box. I would have preferred to get each of the characters and a smaller piece set, but instead we got a single figure of the lead buster and their Ecto-1. We don't know much about this one yet aside from it being filled with puzzle levels and content focused towards Ghostbusters 2016.

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LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack

Above we have the Adventure Time Team Pack which gives us the two core characters of "Jake the Dog" and "Lumpy Space Princess". You also get side vehicles such as the Lumpy Car and BMO which is actually a character so odd to see him be a vehicle here.

LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack

For all those Harry Potter fans you now once again have the chance to buy the titular characters of "Harry Potter" and "Lord Voldemort". They also come with vehicles including the Hogwarts Express and the Weasley's Enchanted Car. Honestly a bit weird of a pack and not something I'd be interested in having for my collection. This is also a team pack as well in case anyone wasn't aware, just so you know the general price range.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack

Another pack for Adventure Time fans includes "Finn the Human" and two vehicles including the Jakemobile and this jellyfish creature of which the name I don't have. This is a story pack so if you want both Adventure Time characters you'll have to buy both packs which is a smart LEGO move. This pack will also come with a new level you can play taking place in the Land of Ooo from the usual Adventure Time story which should be fun.

LEGO Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack

This is one of the more odd sets to be honest as it brings "B.A. Baracus" from the A-Team and the A-Team van in a fun pack. Actually surprised this is the only smaller pack in the wave, but perhaps they're saving more for later. This is of course on the cheaper end of the packages and just gives you these characters for the world.

LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible Level Pack

The final pack is another level pack which adds a fun filled Mission Impossible 1 level which should be actually awesome. It's another weird property to be added into LEGO Dimensions, but I'm all for it as these movies are great. You get "Ethan Hunt" along with two vehicles, the "Scrambler?" and the "IMF Sports Car". I don't quite care for the vehicles, but Ethan and the level should be an awesome addition to my squad. Below I've also included video from the event which shows all these boxes, screenshots and a close up on some of the Adventure Time characters.

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner