Killer Instinct Shadow Lab

We were recently greeted with the final fighter for Season 2 of Killer Instinct with Aria which is some sort of crazy robot lady from the future. Playing her earlier for the eventual finished review for the season I can say she's fairly cool and very strange of a character. Along with that recent update we also got the Shadow Lab added into the game. This is an area where players can go to create shadows. A shadow is like the drive-atar from Forza in that it learns your moves and makes a ghost AI from it. In the Shadow Lab I played the three required matches with my selected character Maya (not all characters are in this mode yet) against master dojo leader Jago. Once the three matches were complete it generated a character AI that plays like me. It then switched the rolls and I was decimated by myself since I'm just dreadful with Jago. It was rather fascinating to see this character replay moves and how I handled the character. It even tea-bagged after which I do jokingly against AI players in Killer Instinct after finishing me off. I was very surprised with how well this performed and look forward to making more shadows when I unlock them. This is done when your shadow competes against others or you battle waves of shadows in survival. This will add an extra dimension to the whole AI system in the game and keep it fresh. This second season of Killer Instinct has seen many changes and this is definitely a great addition to the title. Should also mentions that it carries extra achievements (6 total for 100 gamerscore). Look out for our review of Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra that should be done this weekend.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner