LG ThinQ Appliances 2018

The final aspect of my LG tour at CES 2018 was to take a look at the appliances. The technology is definitely evolving very fast for the connected home and LG is most certainly a leader within it. Using their ThinQ technology the various essential aspects or well the heart of the home will all be connected. At a focus this will be present within the InstaView ThinQ refrigerator, EasyClean oven range and QuadWash dishwasher in order to make one's life run more effectively. The LG InstaView ThinQ is the culmination of cutting edge refrigeration and that's quite true as odd as the statement sounds. This is a remarkable fridge that will help increase productivity and efficiency within the household.

This starts with the 29 inch touch LCD display on the front that transforms into a see through window into your fridge with two simple knocks. It's simple and strangely magical to perform. With the technology your fridge can provide recipes based on what's inside and with the power of Alexa provide a guided voice walkthrough. If you'd rather listen to music streaming services are also a voice command or touch away. There's a great Smart Tag feature that allows the addition of stickers, tags and expiration dates to food stored. It's an easy on the eyes presentation and one anyone could easily setup for better management. It'll issue reminders when the time is right to remove expired items and to top that off if you're out somewhere wondering what you need to buy you can see a wide angle PanoramaView camera from within your Instaview, crazy. There are multiple angles as well to see everything.
LG ThinQ Appliances 2018
When it comes to the LG EasyClean oven it can be connected through an app to pre-heat based on a specific recipe. If the oven ever needs to be cleaned the advanced hydrophilic enamel coating makes it simpler and a notification can be sent to a smartphone. For smarter cleaning after eating, the oven can send the QuadWash dishwasher details from which it can then set the optimal wash cycle based on the dish prepared. An example of this would be the dishwasher selecting a longer running cycle with hotter water for a greasy dish than with a light vegetable casserole.

The washing technology comprised of four multi-motion spray arms allows for a fast and meticulous cleaning. What's even cooler is that the Oven and Dishwasher can be voice controlled through the LG CLOi robot. I also wanted to leave a note that while this focuses on the kitchen, they have a really interesting set of advancements within their washer/dryer lines.

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