Anna Smart Mirror

The Anna Smart Mirror is focused on B2B providing a number of dynamic futuristic mirrors from which a company could display anything they wanted with. It truly does feel like something out of the movies, yet a seemingly natural item for modern times. I wasn't blown away by it because it felt like something that should already be everywhere yet it isn't. What they've created here is a wonderful device capable of displaying whatever a business might need for customers or clients. It's incredible sleek, it feels amazingly deep to look into and it's the future but now. You not only clearly see the world around you, but also the important details one would want to see. I'm very surprised they're not also presenting something a consumer would put in their house as it just seems logical.

I do hope that I'm not coming across as negative in any regard as this is fancy, I'm mostly wanting this to be a part of everyday life already as the technology is clearly perfect. Imagine waking up and getting all the news or details of your life synced from a phone without having to use said phone while you're busy preparing for a day. Thinking ahead gesture or voice controls would be really interesting as I wouldn't imagine touch being a good option for a mirror. Maybe it could give details or tips, whatever the case it's time to dive into some thoughts of the device from CES 2018 and detailed specifications. To start, it feels like it should when you look into it and you get all the details one would want. They had the weather setup and some other examples to get an idea of what it could generally do for a business. It's all about whatever your company needs it to show in a way that blends into the natural environment of say a store.
Anna Smart Mirror
Going over more technical details you can customize 100% of the screen. You can add images, news feed, videos or create branded layouts. It's easy to use and just requires a constant internet connection to run. The company can also provide customized content if requested. Some classic integration items include real-time weather conditions, direct messaging to customers through the mirror, direct corporate news and the option to brand the mirror to match your company scheme. It can synchronize services such as agendas, bookings, internal newsfeeds, social media or KPI. The entire thing can be managed through a secure web app with a live preview before launching. The whole product fits into a stainless steel case of 700x460x50mm (27.5x18.1x1.9 inches).

The mirror is plugged in with an electrical power supply of 110V/220V and connects with either WiFi or an ethernet cord. The option to customize the size is also available upon request. The Anna Smart Mirror is designed, built and manufactured in the French Alps. It's an AirNodes development, they're a group that specialize in IoT device design. It was an incredible device and hopefully we'll get to see this sort of technology become commonplace as the modern world continues to advance. I mean, mirrors really don't do much currently so it would be nice for them to get some extra functionality.

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