Samsung 8k QLED TVs with AI

Samsung unveiled excellent advancements for the technology behind TV visuals at CES 2018. I was lucky to be invited to their first reveal event for screens and got to take an intimate tour (well, as much as you could at CES) of what is to come. First off was the reveal of the QLED 8k TV line that brings the highest of resolution options. This was backed with a presentation of a new AI built into the TVs that learns and enhances the visual experience. This particular AI is focused on improving the quality of upscaled material.

This is most likely in place to deal with the lack of native 8k content with even 4k really just truly coming into the market for regular video. While AI upscaling might not sound like something too important, the results are marvelous. The TVs on display showcased a reel of footage ranging from native 8k, to 4k and even smaller sizes such as 720p or 1080p. It gave a huge boost to what I'd consider a typically poor quality. The 720p was crisper, vibrant and looked far better than anything of that resolution I get on my current 4k.
Samsung 8k QLED TVs with AI
This could be possibly great for enhancing aged video and or actually patching up older film. It would be really nice to not have distinctly bad looking resolution when playing content that is smaller in size. The setup could perhaps fix that issue and even set the stage for more interesting inclusions down the road. That leads into the Samsung demo I had where I got to see someone ask questions about what people were wearing in a show or who someone was and get responses based on that. This very well could lead to instant answers about questions you have while watching something and being a more immersive presentation. Going back to aged film, it gets some bad spots on it over time or the source wasn't saved very well and while nothing was confirmed my chat with Samsung reps they didn't rule out patch work being something that older movies could get.

They wouldn't want to alter anything, but perhaps just fix small issues. The technology works by using a database that studies and analyzes millions of images in advance to transform lower resolution content into high resolution. When fed with a source in low resolution, this feature of the QLED TV selects the optimal filter and converts the source into a high quality image. In addition it increases image processing sixty four times and aims to clear the edge quality for general video quality. The first of these TVs is set to launch in the later part of 2018 with a focusing on screens larger than 65 inches. This type of technology is also being used in "The Wall", a modular and magnificent fresh TV design.

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