Samsung Flip WM55H

The Samsung Flip WM55H was a really unique device that I was able to check out while at CES 2018. It's something one probably wouldn't think of and yet at the same time it makes complete sense. The white board is something you think of as just a cheap, somewhat messy item you'd see in the office or at schools. It's infinitely better than those awful black boards of old, but still not perfect. Samsung aims to fix that by creating something that feels familiar, but completely advances the technology. With the Samsung Flip we get the next evolution of collaboration and assistance with workflow. Whether you're using this in an office space, at a school or somewhere else where important details are on display this can fit right in. Instead of having to wipe ideas or text away you can save it for reference with twenty pages of storage being allowed.
Samsung Flip WM55H
It allows multi-user input with up to four different tracking options being allowed to write at the exact same time. The display of the screen is a sleek, 55" 4k UHD (3840x2160) in resolution at 60hz and very easy to manipulate. You can easily alter the rotation, enjoy a 4.5 degree tilt and slide it around on a four wheel leg system. It runs off the Tizen 3.0 OS platform, includes 8GB internal storage and has a handy holder for a pen. While drawing is great, the connectivity for the Flip is incredible. You can mirror tons of different devices from Windows 10 PCs to tablets or even phones. Plug in a USB or two, HDMI or just wirelessly connect. Whatever the situation, it aims to make the experience smooth. The power is AC 100 ~ 240 V 50 / 60 Hz

For those on the more intense business side of things it can be password protected and is designed with security in mind. Documents can also be off-loaded after a presentation or work session is completed. There are many smaller details in this Samsung Flip and while not all details are available, it's certainly an impressive upgrade over the old white board. It's an innovative item that just generally makes sense, it would have been fantastic for keeping track of everyone while I was watching Netflix's Dark series. It's a frantic show of many connections across generations, I would have been able to throw photos up and draw connections. It's an example, but just imagine the improvement on work flow for creative offices or in the classroom where important notes are constantly wiped away. Students could look back a couple days to see what details were given. It should be interesting to see how this device is delivered and hopefully it becomes a standard in the future.

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