Samsung The Wall Modular MicroLED TV

Samsung revealed an interesting innovation in screen technology at CES 2018 with their absolutely massive "The Wall" TV. This was shown at a special first look reveal event for screens where they also showcased a new 8k resolution TV with AI technology for upscaling. At first I thought it was just a really large screen, but what's fascinating about this setup is that it's a modular MicroLED TV. That means it's built from a series of 9.37 inch module screens that you could take apart and use in any sort of combination. You could create a series of almost frames around the house, build a custom window if your house doesn't have one or make a larger display of whatever video you'd like.

It's somewhat incredible and a surprising announcement that certainly wasn't expected. Again, wasn't too sure the big deal aside from the impressive size until I heard about the modular functionality as you literally couldn't tell that from even being right up close to it. At a full size the screen is 146 inches which is insane. The MicroLED technology eliminates the need for a backlight or color filters. The bezel-less screen excels in durability and effectiveness; including luminous efficiency, the light source lifetime and power consumption. This creates a sense of complete immersion with how the screens can be implemented while also offering a great advancement in quality for picture and presentation. There are not too many details on this one, but the possible uses are endless.

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Samsung The Wall Modular MicroLED TV

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner