Volo Go Cordless Infrared Hairdryer

The Volo Go Cordless Infrared Hairdryer is an innovation that aims to remove a cord from a device that honestly should have been wireless a long time ago. With the Volo you're getting a truly cordless experience while retaining that quality of heat that you're used to when using a hairdryer. It actually proposes to improve the quality of the heating system in order to be healthier for hair. I was able to check out the device while at CES 2018 with them actually taking it out of the case so I could handle it.

The design is fairly sleek and the heat is great on it providing a regular flow that you'd be used to. The weighting was slightly heavy in the head though I was told it's all being tweaked since this was just a prototype version. They're aiming to redistribute the weight within the Volo and I feel it'll be solid once they get things evened out. It's mentioned that the weight will be 2lb when including the battery pack which isn't bad at all. I don't want to focus too much on the weight, it's just something that was immediate and apparent upon handling.
Volo Go Cordless Infrared Hairdryer
That aside, I feel the design they have looks sleek and modern. It's smooth to hold and feels as it should, it almost comes across as having a luxury quality look to it. It presents the heat you would expect and is a step towards a more wireless world. I'll include the general specifications now so that you can get an idea of the technology behind it. Its run through a lithium battery using 600 watts which is noted as consuming less than a traditional blow dryer while drying faster. This is achieved through the infrared heater.

You get fourteen minutes of high intensity from which the average use of a hairdryer was noted at 7.5 minutes. The infrared light is known as a therapeutic source. The heating technology is perfect for safer, healthier styling. The patent-pending design reduces the damage to one's hair while resulting in less frizz leaving the hair smoother and shinier. It's certainly a welcomed change up and an interesting option for drying hair in perhaps a better, faster way. The launch of the Volo Go is set for Spring 2018.

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