Rylo 360 Degree Camera

The Rylo 360 Degree camera is a rather impressive device that offers incredible stabilization. The device is available for IOS at $499 USD and Android with the latter arriving in early 2018. Luckily I was able to actually handle the Rylo when I took a look at it while at CES Unveiled 2018. It's a compact option with some absolutely stunning video stabilization. Along with getting to actually hold it I was shown some demo footage to get an idea of that in action, but first I'll go over the more technical details. When it comes to specs the camera has a 4k 360 degree capture at 30fps. The footage is shot through dual 208 degree wide-angle lenses for optimal 360 degree capture. Standard HD at 1080p can also be shot. There's 16x timelapse export and 6k 360 degree panoramic photos.

There's easy social media sharing and one-tap editing tools which I'll go over more shortly. The body of the Rylo is anodized aluminum alloy with an OLED display screen featuring single-button power and record. The dimensions are 72.5mm length, 37mm height and a width of 42.7mm. The storage is a 16GB microSD for approximately 34 minutes of video or 5000 photos. The storage can be expanded to support up to 256GB. The device power is 830mAh providing sixty minutes of continuous recording time and charging through a micro usb cable.
Rylo 360 Degree Camera
As I previously mentioned the technology for creating a stable and smooth picture is just incredible with the Rylo. Keep in mind once again that this wasn't shot while I was in person so I can only speak of what I was shown visually to get an idea of it. I was shown some footage in action before and after the enhancement. It was perfectly smooth without the prior shaking being present at all. It wasn't a live demo, but definitely one that showcased the difference. This was apparent across a few shorter clips so that I could get an idea of what it could do. One was snowboarding, another was the individual that was showing me the device on a run. It really seemed to be rather perfect as opposed to the awkward stabilization I've seen in some post-processing options. This device had only a trace amount of this being noticeable and for the most part a flawless move towards keeping a shaky video still, as if it was mounted to a tripod.

The technology behind this easy adjustment is the One-tap editing tools. The videos created with the Rylo are easy to share and fast to produce. There's FrontBack where you're in the action with picture in picture that shows your reactions as you capture a moment. The Follow, which I saw in action let's you track selected aspects of a video with just a tap within the app. You can follow an object and the Rylo automatically adjusts the camera's orientation to keep it in the frame. Points control the camera's perspective after the fact by tapping on specific points of interest. This produces a smooth video that connects each of your selected spots. The Timelapse option creates moving videos by speeding up the Rylo's video. You can control how fast you want this up to 16x normal speed. There's Tiny Planet that gives a sphere type view that's set by pinching and finally Tuning where you can adjust aspects such as light, contrast or vibrancy for the perfect shot.

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