Debussy Luxury Smart Headphones

The Debussy Luxury smart headphones provide a very high level of technology and fit into a much higher tier of audio quality than other options. They're stuffed with some rather impressive features and full of surprises. I was able to take a look at the headphones while at CES 2018 though only a glance at the selection. I wasn't able to hold the headphones so I can't give any opinion on that aspect, they did look very elegant. There are a couple of options present with various designs to them. They're extremely fancy so the cost range definitely follows that aspect. I'll initially be going over general features for the headphones and then over the two models that were present on the show floor. Connection wise they have typical Wifi support, but in addition there's a sim card for 4G connectivity and Bluetooth. They can also store 4GB of music from any device or pre-recordings. The total storage is 32GB with a battery life time of twenty hours.

There's the option to use voice commands such as with assistants like Siri and they are compatible with IoT technologies so users can ask to check emails or get directions. Being ever so fancy there's a lovely color touch screen that can be used while they're off or as a gesture control when on one's head. This includes swiping up to increase the volume. The display can also be set to a user's favorite album cover, a message or even a custom image. There's also binaural stereo recording for 3D audio if you're not aware of the term and what you record can be played back to re-experience specific moments. This is combined with head tracking to truly capture that immersive time. The recording session can also be shared through Facebook Live.
Debussy Luxury Smart Headphones
Clair de lune, Poetry of Sound (Shown Left)
This can be pre-ordered March 2018 with a release window of March 2019. The price range is $1390 to $2990 USD. Available in circum-aural & supra-aural, five colors all with genuine leather and anodized alloy: Shadow, Peach, Snow, Toffee and Gold. For context on the naming the brand Debussy was created in memory of the great French compositor Claude Debussy. Clair de Lune was one of his best-loved piano pieces that symbolized the harmony and texture of Debussy’s creations.

Nathaniel, Temptation of Sound (Shown Right)
This can be pre-ordered March 2018 with a release window of January 2019. The price is set at $4990 USD. Available in two colors: Red velvet with plated gold, and Blue velvet with stainless steel. It's an over the ear headphone with silk velvet and genuine leather. For context this was created in homage to Nathaniel Baldwin by the inventor of the first improved telephonic earphone, the prestigious model Nathaniel represents the quintessence of luxury and high-tech with no compromise to the materials used to create its exquisite exterior.

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