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Aurasens Lounger

The Aurasens Lounger was one of the stranger, yet definitely distinct and interesting things I viewed while at CES 2018. Luckily this was one of those hands-on type experiences and I got to check this lounger out. The goal with this product is to essentially provide a trans-sensory journey with music and or audio. This is achieved through a Vibro-Haptic technology which allows the seated individual to experience the feeling of the music. Initially this Aurasens is meant for commercial properties with a cheaper consumer version being made available in the future. This would be an ideal item for certain experience type businesses that are looking for an extra attraction that a consumer may pay for a limited time to use.

Think virtual reality stations, but for a calming audio experience. Whatever the case, this a really great idea with some well developed technology. I was given a short demo of which I was blind folded and handed speakers to escape the noisy show floor. It played for a few minutes and then I was off again. It was rather soothing considering how intense the show was and a nice escape. I could feel taps across the body and it was a good addition to just listening to something. I see great potential with this type of technology and the closest similar example I can give is when you're in a DBox seat at the theater just minus the movement involved with that.
Aurasens Lounger
Prior to going onto more technical aspects I will mention that the system currently has to be fine tuned to audio as opposed to just registering what you're listening to and presenting responses based on that. It was mentioned that they are working towards making that possible. The initial release will be in February 2018 with new customized compositions for use with the lounger being available monthly. The high tech pod uses thirty two points of contact to provide a rhythmic wave of vibrations.

The user is able to feel the sensations of taps, pulses and tingles from head to toe. With that sort of wording I imagine this would be an amazing addition to those that enjoy listening to ASMR content. The device has an integrated ipad for use and there are talks for customized experiences through lounges, events, film and VR with clients already. It will be an interesting item to follow and see how it evolves as it's being further developed throughout its time on the commercial side of things as they build towards a consumer option.

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