Rowkin Ascent

The Rowkin Ascent is noted as the world's smallest true wireless active earbuds. The design takes cues from organic curves and minimalism to provide a small form factor suitable for workouts as well as daily use. This is done through a combination of smart charging techniques and impressively fast charging times. They're smaller than an American penny using Comply eartips to increase comfort once inserted in one's ear. These were on display at CES 2018 and while I sadly didn't get to handle or test them they are indeed tiny with a weight of 0.18oz. Prior to moving onto other interesting aspects and specifications the Ascent carries a suggested retail price of $129.99 USD.

Within each package you get the earbuds; a charging case, a USB Type C cable and three Comply ear tips (S,M,L). The charging case should grab your attention as it can be used to charge the earbuds and they snap in place with the magnetic holders. The case also has Qi wireless charging allowing you to power your earbuds fifteen times as well as acting as a power bank for other devices you might have. The case battery is 2100mAh. Aside from the magical case, the earbuds can be charged for two hours in five minutes and in general can provide three hours of straight use. The full charging time is noted as less than two hours.
Rowkin Ascent
The Rowkin Ascent is instantly compatible with IOS and Android devices having Bluetooth 5.0 functionality. The device is also IPX5 sweatproof with a waterproof speaker grill. The Rowkin logo touch button features LED notifications, as well as playback/call control and personal assistant access. There's a frequency range of 20Hz - 20kHz and custom 5mm drivers. The final aspect is the MEMS microphone. It's definitely a well rounded set of earbuds that are truly wireless, tiny and can take on the regular activities one would expect to embrace while living an active life. The Rowkin Ascent seems like a quality product providing those with active lives an easy and compact way to listen to music or other audio.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner