The Culling Development has Stopped

The Culling's development has stopped with no future updates being released going forward. This is according to the official Culling diary release where it was noted that no future updates will be worked on. The game was in early access for quite awhile originally launching onto the service in March 2016. It had quite the following at the time with lots of hype around the title, but has since simmered down considerably. The game also released on Xbox One later on where it seems to have a steady player base, but both that and PC will be receiving no further updates. The game is fully released on both platforms from the two early access programs present so it's a finished product.

That being said, most of these arena battle royale titles tend to get lots of updates post-launch so it's essentially a telling of how the popularity boiled down over time. The reason for no future updates is that the small developer Xaviant is moving their full team to work on a new project. That's entirely fair as the game is finished and eventually teams have to work on something new. It was also mentioned that The Culling will continue to run as it always has for now. It's an alright experience with a hilarious theme to it, if you like the whole battle royale genre that's hot right now it's worth taking a look at since it does thing in a different and more focused way.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner