Life is Strange Mobile Announced

The incredible first season of Life is Strange is heading to mobile devices bringing the entire story to ios devices. This includes a version of the game optimized for iphone and ipad. The noted faithful adaptation is being developed by Black Wing Foundation and arriving on December 14, 2017. New features include optimization for touch devices, exclusive Life is Strange iMessage stickers and an in-game photo-mode. Options are also included for sharing those photos and your progress through social media. Photos can be given filters for some extra style if you'd like.

On this first noted release date the game will receive episodes 1-3 (Chrysalis, Out of Time and Chaos Rising). The next selection of episodes is set for Q1 2018 with 4-5 (Dark Room and Polarized). It really is the full experience available on mobile devices and its put altogether instead of being split into monthly releases like it was upon original release. While it would have been great to get all the episodes at once, there's still a solid selection present at launch.

Life is Strange Mobile Announced Screenshot

Life is Strange follows the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior that gains the ability to manipulate and essentially rewind time. She's met by her old best friend Chloe Price and the two immediately reconnect after many years. Together they deal with the mysterious disappearance of this girl and so many issues along the way. While playing you're able to make choices that directly impact the experience and ending of the entire game.

There are many characters to deal with and conflicting portions of story where the decisions you make matter. This will be a great mobile title powered by Unreal Engine 4 bringing the full original series to the mobile devices for more players to enjoy. This is an excellent announcement that ties into the Life is Strange: Before the Storm prequel series that is wrapping up and the eventual Life is Strange 2 that's actively being worked on.

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