Fingerlings WowWee

One of the hottest new toys for the 2017 holiday season, Fingerlings by WowWee offer an interactive play experience in the palm of your hand. They react to its owner and other Fingerlings in a variety of different fun ways. Reacting to sound, motion and touch, they giggle, blink their eyes, pass gas and kiss back when they are blown a kiss. They go to sleep when they need a break or can be rocked to sleep by their owner. Fingerlings were designed to be a screen-less interactive toy that are gender neutral and affordable. The monkeys, available now, come in a variety of colors and finishes like the glitter finish. The unicorn is a Toys R Us exclusive that is also out now. The next planned Fingerling is a sloth with more animals to come.

Fingerlings operate on button cell batteries and are meant to be on the go. The mission of the Fingerlings is to be a high-tech toy that does not require any screen time. They will play as long as they receive attention and understand a variety of phrases. Another goal of the Fingerlings is accessibility for everyone. Being gender neutral, they can appeal to anyone with a charm that can be appreciated by all ages. While Fingerlings do fine playing with their owners, there are numerous playsets available for them. They are at home in the Monkey Bars, Monkey Bars with Swing, See Saw and Jungle Gym.

Fingerlings WowWee
Fingerlings are a high-tech toy that give an interactive experience to all without relying on a screen. At a price point of fifteen USD, they are accessible to all. Coming in a variety of colors, styles and varieties, they appeal to any gender. The optional playsets extend the experience by bringing familiar playground toys into the mix. Honored with a 2017 Toy Of The Year nomination, Fingerlings by WowWee are among the most sought-after toys of the 2017 holiday season.

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