Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide

With Star Wars Battlefront 2, the heroes and Heroes play a vital role in most game modes. With that, I'll be taking a look at the various Heroes, their abilities and tips for best using them. Within the game at launch there fourteen hero characters with seven per side. Each has their own unique set of abilities and can influence battles differently. This Heroes Guide will go over the cost in credits for each, their abilities and the best situations to deploy each of them. When it comes to the heroes it really seems like Rey is the best option despite usually costing more battle points.

Luke Skywalker (15,000 Credits)
-Rush: Luke enhances his speed and rushes to the attack.
-Repulse: Luke deals damage to nearby enemies.
-Push: Luke pushes enemies away.

Luke is an alright hero to play as, he's not particularly strong in this one at least in comparison to Rey yet powerful enough. He's best used for quick attacks and even faster exits. His push ability will most likely be your strongest asset and it's best to unleash it when enemies outnumber you or you're getting low on health. It'll give you time to escape or generally get the upper hand. The Repulse can be strong in contained spaces if there are lots of enemies nearby, but I never found it too deadly for clearing out a group instead just damaging them.

Rey (Free)
-Dash Strike: Rey charges forward with her lightsaber held high, dealing damage to enemies who dare stand in the way.
-Mind Trick: Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief period of time.
-Insight: Rey takes a moment to deeply sense her surroundings, revealing and highlighting all nearby enemies.

Rey is by far the best hero option, she's not only powerful with the saber, but has some tricky abilities at bay. The Dash Strike is completely useless, but I will say it can be helpful for enemy heroes that are blocking since it'll disarm them. The next two abilities are fantastic, mind trick can be just the thing to get you out of dangerous situations or enough of a power to give you the upper hand when entering an area. Insight is great because it gives a full tactical view of what to expect and that can really assist your use of the Mind Trick.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide
Han Solo (10,000 Credits)
-Detonite Charge: Han throws a sticky explosive that can be detonated at will.
Sharpshooter: Han fires his blaster rapidly for a few seconds.
Shoulder Charge: Han charges forward, knocking over and damaging the first enemy he hits.

Solo can be fine at times, his shoulder charge is surprisingly good at stunning any type of enemy whether that's a standard trooper or opposing hero. His real strength comes from the Sharpshooter and the standard grenade. The blaster can provide powerful blasts to pick away at heroes or easily clear out a selection of enemies.

Leia (10,000 Credits)
-Rapid Fire: Leia launches a stream of blaster fire.
Squad Shield: Leia deploys a shield at her location capable of protecting herself and allies.
Flash Grenade: An explosive grenade that blinds and confuses foes.

Leia is a fine choice for battle and one of my go to heroes if Rey is taken. She's not as powerful as in the first game, but still can unleash massive damage. Not only is combat great for her fire rate, but when you need to defend a position whether that's on the defensive side of things or on the attack her shield is a game changer. It's best to blind enemies as you progress with the flash grenade and then unleash the rapid fire. With the rapid fire she pulls out a strong blaster can just unload blasts at enemies taking out multiple foes at once.

Yoda (Free)
-Dash Attack: Yoda leaps forward and deals damage as he swings his lightsaber.
Unleash: Yoda unleashes the Force in an area in front of him, damaging and pushing foes.
Presence: Yoda heals himself and nearby allies.

I don't find Yoda useful and heavily suggest avoiding any use of the character. He's good for heavily dense forest areas and not much else, he's easy to shoot out while not being able to deal much damage. The heal ability acts just like an Officer's so it's not needed in regular combat and during the Heroes mode it just slows his death slightly. Other than the Unleash can be helpful for making a getaway or taking out a couple enemies in the way.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide
Lando Calrissian (Free)
-Smoke Grenade: Lando hides in a cloud of smoke... but he can still see.
-Sharp Shot: Lando takes focus and unloads powerful shots on up to five enemies.
-Disabler: Lando uses a thrown device to disrupt enemy radars, scout an area, and can detonate the device to send a shock through nearby foes.

Lando can be great during infantry heavy segments of battle though not too fantastic against other heroes. The smoke grenade can be a nice tactical option for clearing objectives, but not something that will help when out in the open. His best ability is the sharp shot, if you're going to clear out an area this can blast away multiple foes in quick succession. It takes a second to charge which leaves you vulnerable, but getting the shot off perfectly can turn the tide in a room. It's best to pair that with the smoke grenade.

Chewbacca (10,000 Credits)
-Shock Grenade: a Net of shocked grenades.
-Furious Bowcaster: The bowcaster is slightly more intensive than usual.
-Charge Slam: Smack the ground with passion

Chewbacca is another character I find to be rather useless in combat. He's not really better than a regular Wookie and is a large target for enemies. His abilities don't offer anything too special and while charge slam can make a difference, it takes too long to implement for it to matter.

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