Star Wars Battlefront 2 Villains Guide

When it comes to Star Wars Battlefront 2, the heroes and villains play a vital role in most game modes. With that, I'll be taking a look at the various Villains, their abilities and tips for best using them. Within the game at launch there fourteen hero characters with seven per side. Each has their own unique set of abilities and can influence battles differently. This Villains Guide will go over the cost in credits for each, their abilities and the best situations to deploy each of them. Keep in mind that Bossk is always the best choice, sitting back and using the grenade launcher will net you some solid kill counts.

Darth Vader (15,000 Credits)
-Focused Rage: Darth Vader deals more damage and can absorb more punishment.
-Saber Throw: Vader hurls his lightsaber at enemies.
-Force Choke: Vader uses his iconic Force choke to lift, damage, and drop enemies.

I don't actually feel that Vader is a very good fit in any situation considering the alternatives. If you want to do the whole iconic style then sure, but during combat there are better choices. Vader excels in close range situations however, tight corridors such as the Death Star or indoor objective points are where he can shine. The use of Saber Throw while behind corners is great and using force choke can quickly take out a pesky enemy. Again, if it's a tight corridor unleash the rage and go crazy while blocking shots at any medium or further distance.

Darth Maul (Free)
-Spin Attack: Maul goes into a high velocity lightsaber spin attack, cutting down enemies in his path as he leaps forward.
-Choke Hold: Maul chokes a few enemies at close range. The choke ends with enemies being thrown to the ground.
-Furious Throw: Maul hurls his lightsaber straight ahead of him, damaging all enemies it touches.

I find Maul can be great in the right situations, in the open he gets killed very quickly. In tight spots like Vader he can do some insane damage upon his enemies. The furious throw can take out a good selection of enemies in your path and the spin attack is really only good for very small spaces. I find he's at his best matched with Kylo, particularly in Heroes vs Villains since the two can greatly stun enemies and just frenzy strike at them afterwards.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Villains Guide
Iden Versio (5,000 Credits)
-Droid Shield: Iden's droid creates a protective shield around her.
-Pulse Cannon: Fires long range, charged shots for heavy damage.
-Stun Droid: Iden's droid stuns an enemy. The stun can chain to nearby enemies.

Surprisingly Iden is quite powerful in comparison to regular troops though not at all efficient during hero battles. She excels like Bossk at sitting back and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Whenever you're under fire or need to move fast deploy the shield. If you have an enemy at a distance or one dealing lots of damage, strike them with the stun droid. That aside, her regular fire is fantastic and can strike great amounts of damage over a far distance. It's very accurate and if you've played through the campaign you'll have an even better idea of how she handles.

Palpatine (10,000 Credits)
-Chain Lightning: Force lightning strikes a target and then spreads to hit other nearby enemies.
-Dark Aura: The area around The Emperor is charged with Force energy, damaging and slowing foes.
-Electrocute: Palpatine immobilizes enemies in front of him with electrical energy.

I don't find Palpatine to be a very good selection for any situation. He's not particularly strong and is very easy to damage from almost anywhere. The lightning attacks can be strong in confined spaces, but even then he's blasted down very easily. You almost have to be sneaky to efficiently use the character or combine him with other heroes to attack as a support to the core group.

Bossk (Free)
-Dioxis Grenade: Grenade that releases a cloud of poison gas.
-Predator Instincts: Bossk gains heat vision and enhanced strength as he loads high-damage micro grenades.
-Proximity Mines: Three sticky mines that detonate on command.

Bossk is an incredibly deadly and powerful character for the villains and a clear stand out in the overall roster. While he can move around in the open blending in with other troops, Bossk is best used as a support. This is in providing grenade launching from a distance whether that's at a group of heroes battling or down crowded hallways/into stuffed rooms. I find the best option to sit outside of doors firing in when your team walks through it or even a corner to the side and firing inwards. The ability is particularly deadly to heroes in a 1v1 situation as you can just lay on the grenades if they're medium distance or further away. Aside from just grenading, you can set up the mines close to you and as enemies get closer while you grenade them the mines should finish them off. The final Dioxis is perfect for confusing a group and then allowing an easier target for the grenade launcher.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Villains Guide
Kylo Ren (Free)
-Frenzy: Kylo Ren leaps from enemy to enemy, attacking with his blade.
-Freeze: Kylo Ren immobilizes enemies in front of him.
-Pull: Kylo Ren pulls enemies close to him.

Kylo has the potential to be menacing and in combination with Maul ever so deadly. That's really for the Heroes vs Villains mode, since together they can stun enemies but he's just as strong by himself. The first powerful ability is the frenzy that allows quick movement and this is best used during tight spots, but just as easily in the open as long as you keep locked on the next foe. Mix in some blocking with the saber and Kylo can simply get around open areas without taking damage. Aside from just battling, the freeze ability is deadly, can save your hero if used in times of low health or even just make for simple kills. This paired with pull is even better, use it whenever you're low or an enemy is just slightly out of reach and get them in a striking range.

Boba Fett (Free)
-For the Hunt: Boba Fett disappears from enemy radar, gains unlimited jet pack fuel, and acquires insight into the location of nearby foes.
-Concussion Rocket: Boba Fett fires a single concussion rocket that dazes enemies.
-Rocket Barrage: Small rockets launch from Boba Fett's wrist.

I don't find that many choose to play as Boba Fett and that's mostly because many areas don't exactly support his design. He's really not a ground based character and this villain is all about verticality. From the rockets to regular fire rate you need to find a vantage point or take advantage of flying over head to blast enemies. This is best suited for large levels and not at all the regular Heroes vs Villains smaller arenas. Try to get on top of structures or statues and take advantage of spots that you can't be attacked from to best use Boba Fett.

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