Minecraft Aquatic Update

Minecraft will be getting another large update in 2018 which brings life to the wet side of worlds. If you've ever felt that the oceans are a boring wasteland then get ready for something much more magical. This is of course the Minecraft Aquatic Update, available for Bedrock and Java versions at roughly the same time. This should be near the start of 2018, but we all know how every single update gets delayed so whenever it's somewhat ready I suppose. With this great update comes a list of changes, new creatures and many other small improvements to all aspects of the water. It was an unexpected change considering the past list of tweaks and with the water being rather empty it's about time. The features included are;

-Bubble Columns, water bubbles will alter player paths and push items to float.
-Trident Weapon, can fly back to you with loyalty.
-Coral, Kelp, Fish and water type plants.
-Ocean biomes, hot and cold with differing types of fish or planets.
-Buckets can collect water and fish, can be used to make aquariums.

Minecraft Aquatic Update Dolphin
-Water Physics improved, proper water flow and dynamics.
-Iceberg formations on top of the water.
-The voted in mob during Minecon Earth 2017, The Monster of the Night Skies.

More announcements to come as well closer to the release, it sounds like an incredible upgrade and I look forward to some water adventures. I'm particularly curious if this will just generate in existing worlds or like new biomes, have to be explored far out. I would imagine it should be easy to just generate in existing oceans since they're empty currently but who knows. It could be similar to the console update for the Nether where players could just choose to revamp what was already done in that area.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner