Arca's Path E3 2018 Preview

Arca's Path VR was one of the few virtual reality experiences at E3 2018 which was odd considering how popular the format has been the two years prior. I jumped into the Playstation VR headset for a quick run of their demo which gave me a general idea of what the game is focused around. In Arca's Path you're watching a mix of spliced in narrative segments told through a comic book like style and then given gameplay where you're rolling about.

During gameplay you control a shape that's able to roll around the world and the entire experience is guided by your directional input. You don't need any controllers as you just move your head to dictate your direction. It works incredibly well and feels quite intuitive. It's not hard to maneuver around and despite there being tricky segments I felt as though I was in complete control the entire time.
Arca's Path Screenshot
The visuals looked great featuring a very simplistic yet neat style. The music complemented this well and it was almost relaxing to work through. There were moment of greater difficulty where you could fall off the world, but this was minimal as it's meant to be a quick demo for press to work through. The whole minimalistic design from the visuals to the controls work well for Arca's Path.

This was a really good virtual reality experience that I'm sure will be easy for many to enjoy. There appears to be an interesting narrative in the background as well. Should be a good mix of storytelling, calming gameplay and a distinct presentation of what VR can do. The game will be available on Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear platforms.

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