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Top 10 Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Early 2017

There has been a steady stack of Xbox Backwards Compatible games that have released in 2017, here are the best of those and which Xbox 360 games you should grab for Xbox One. This list compiles a fairly decent selection of titles across various genres and hopefully has something for everyone. These games have all released in the first part of 2017 and are definitely great games from the Xbox 360 era. Now, enjoy the best Xbox 360 games to play on Xbox One during 2017.

#10: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is actually a really great game and I highly suggest playing it, that said the game is already remastered on the console. I suppose having both versions is good for players, but why wouldn't you want to play the best version of it available on the platform?

#9: Dragon Age: Origins

The Dragon Age series is well known and if this is your type of RPG experience then this will be one that you will want to play. I personally couldn't get into this franchise, but have many friends that talk highly of it so a solid option for sure.

#8: Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns didn't get a lot of notice when it first released with only fond memories from those that had played it and one I suggest checking out if you skipped it. The game features the wonderful twisted dark side of Wonderland and quite a story that mixes the real world against the magical one. This was certainly an overlooked game that should have gotten more attention.

Borderlands 2 Xbox One

#7: Ghostbusters

Another game that should have gotten a much larger audience was Ghostbusters, the story was incredible and it was the ultimate Ghostbusting game. It was essentially the third movie in the series that visited some of the iconic locations and built on the universe. There was also intense cooperative multiplayer and for fans of Ghostbusters, this was awesome.

#6: Battlefield 3

This was a big change for the Battlefield series and one that brought true cutting edge graphics to all platforms. At the time it looked amazing, featured high quality destruction and massive locations for battle. It had a decent single player, a large multiplayer that was constantly updated with content and some minor cooperative modes.

#5: FarCry 3

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? FarCry 3 had an intense story, an open world to explore and was enjoyed by many upon its release. This was a game changer for the FarCry series completely evolving the formula with tons of open world things to do aside from just completing the story.

Battlefield 3 Xbox One

#4: Assassin's Creed: Rogue

There have been many Assassin Creed games released since its introduction on Xbox 360 many years back and Rogue was the last one to release on the console. It was also missed by many that made the jump, yet one of the best changing up the story and providing a different take on this Templar vs Assassin war. It featured many of the great Black Flag mechanics and built on them with a tale that combines into the main stories.

#3: GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is a given, go do some bowling and enjoy the large open world. At this point the game is complete with tons of quality DLC with stories and many activities. I don't need to really describe this, it's GTA IV.

#2: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The Bad Company series is fun, hilarious and a unique type of war series that many shooters don't touch. There were high levels of destruction present whether that was the core story or the expansive online multiplayer. It also had an incredible Vietnam expansion and completely overhauled things for a glorious package.

#1: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

This was an obvious pick for the top of the list, it was the most requested Xbox Backwards Compatible game and the one most whined about online. There's a solid campaign that continued the previous game which various endings based on what you've done in the story. The online was robust with a new score and class weight system. Then this was all topped off with the large scale zombie offerings.

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