Xenon Valkyrie + Review

"Constant Cyber Death"


Xenon Valkyrie + is a rather interesting game that has you blasting across multiple lives as you attempt to make it further. After each death you must restart all over again and try a different type of strategy to progress. The levels are dynamic always offering something fresh to make your way through. You can aim to collect tons of side points to assist in purchasing or just race through levels. You'll have to balance your life and what items you have as it's hard to keep yourself healthy in this one. After every selection of levels you'll face a boss and there are multiple options here as well that each offer a distinct challenge. As you collect better items you'll level certain aspects or purchase upgrades to improve your survival chances. It can be rather frustrating as you feel a lack of progression, yet it's strangely fun to play.


This is a rogue-lite title featuring a procedural setup for its worlds and classic style graphics. The look is distinct and quite detailed, especially when you're blasting through the enemies you come across. I really enjoyed the music here as well finding it matched the game perfectly while providing an almost upbeat experience. The controls were streamlined and fine, combat was a mix of learning what you were doing against some decent difficulty. It's definitely not an easy going time as you will face difficult foes and it'll require many tries to get the hang of what works best.
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The Conclusion

Xenon Valkyrie + is different for sure, I felt as though it lacked content yet the dynamic setup for levels did help with this. It's mostly frustrating as you die losing your progress and then having to work through it again. This probably isn't for everyone, yet the hardcore folks that like a mix of classic platforming with combat will find this interesting. There are a good number of bosses, enemies and environments to run through as you produce your own unique way of progressing. The story also does branch apparently with multiple endings present if you can get that far in it.

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Xenon Valkyrie + Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner