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Every Street United Episode 4 Review

"More Matches, South Korean Disappointment"


This week we were given a similar structure with viewing of some new players and their play/training for the upcoming 4v4 street match. This included some interesting plays, someone scoring on themself and some disappointing South Korean play. To elaborate on that I thought he would perform a lot better, but seeing his training it didn't look like he would fit well with the other players. This I didn't like as he was a pick of mine to do well, even with the extra training given in the episode he just doesn't seem up to snuff with the others. Which he also felt as the most interesting aspect was them actually viewing the other players on their various Microsoft products. Surface FTW! Anyways it was great seeing the reactions and thoughts from the players on whom they would be in a pool competing against. This created some funny moments with reactions and of course dream teams for them to have. Of course there was much fear towards my pick Nabil.

The Conclusion

Another decent episode that falls just slightly south of last weeks. The reactions on the players were great, but the actual play from the shown players was far weaker than previously. The look at the next week looks great as they'll actually meet over webcam and Nabil had a hilarious phrase used in the sneak peek. I look forward to it as usual, I think the documentry has been going along well and it's getting interesting as we move towards the big final match at this halfway point.

Every Street United

Rating Overall: 7.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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