Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 Games Suggest Additional Titles

The Xbox One X has been great for checking out a number of older games, but in a brand new way. With the recent additions it seems like they're working on making more Xbox 360 games available sooner than later. This is suggested by a number of options that are present with the latest four titles. What we saw here was four perhaps random games, but it's key to look at when these titles release. The first is Crackdown, a relatively older title for the platform back in 2007.

The Witcher 2 and Forza Horizon both found their way to the Xbox 360 in 2012. These were followed by Fable Anniversary in 2014. What we're getting here is obviously a focus with close partners, but also a wide range of release dates with a number of them being available in the latter years of the console. These would be the most optimized for that platform considering the dates, but also the most demanding in terms of their technical usage. The first batch of the Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 games were mostly on the older side of release dates with Assassin's Creed, Mirror's Edge, Halo 3, Fallout 3 and some others.
Crackdown Xbox One X
What it looks like to me with these games is that they're testing a more widespread approach to enhancements on the Xbox Backwards Compatible games. They started out with some of the bigger old games that would allow them to see how the premium console would handle a set resolution jump and are now testing out some later ones. You get a mix of enthusiasm to see how these now basically classic games play, while also being able to test how they push the console. The results are quite remarkable actually with the games looking sharp and brilliant considering the time. This could very well mean they're wanting to push out a more widespread option for how players going forward can experience these games.

If you compare that with the freshly introduced "Performance" and "Graphics" modes it looks like they may just allow that for any of the backwards compatible games. While getting the games on the console takes a lot of work, doing these enhancements requires no changing of the original code. You could basically flip a switch allowing users to choose between the settings as they work on optimizing it. What they've done obviously works well from the original releases to the last of the Xbox 360 so it could work fine. There also wouldn't be any issues because you can run it like it used to which is already perfect through the emulation.

It just really doesn't make sense to test this range of titles and then implement the option to take away the beautiful upgrades that are present through the enhancements unless they're working towards making it available on all the games. I don't see the down side in doing so if it works and they have a back up if needed since players can opt out if it's wrecking their experience performance wise.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner