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Video Game Awards 2014

Here are live updates for the 2014 Video Game Awards being held in Las Vegas. Get ready for constant updates as interesting tid bits arise and reset that page. Hopefully it isn't as awful a show as it was the previous year. There's been many blunders with this show, so lets get on with it!

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The Mario theme played on a Piano to kick off our event and the initial stage has been set as Reggie of Nintendo takes the stage first.

Nintendo has shown off more of Mario Maker in 2015, exciting.

Here we're getting the announcement on Metal Gear Online, a multiplayer aspect to Metal Gear. The combat looks both realistic and comical retaining the franchise feel.

Best performance in a game goes to Trey Parker in South Park: Stick of Truth, seriously? Well he did do almost every voice in the game, so good for him.

Bloodborne is taking stage in a gory premiere trailer.

The Banner Saga 2 has been announced.

Destiny won some awards, best score of course. Also online experience.

Trending games of the year is here with Totalbiscuit.

EA's Peter Moore has taken the stage to announce a smaller new studio called Hazelight working on a game called we have no idea with two guys sitting in a train car.

Marty is here! He did the Halo and Bungie Composing.

New space survival game called Adrift announced where the environment is your enemy.

Best mobile game is Hearthstone.

Before announced from Facepunch taking you back to the older days of humanity and the constant struggles.

Best sports game goes to Mario Kart 8..

1886 Trailer is shown and set to release later this year.

Sony announces a thriller called Until Dawn which looks rather interesting.

Best Shooter goes to Far Cry 4.

Other awards and announcements, really not too interesting. We end with Imagine Dragons.

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