Vampyr Chapters

The Vampyr chapters include seven parts with some mini quests within each of them. Together they make up the latest Dontnod story, though other side missions are present if you'd like to work through those. This listing includes all of the chapters in the game which should give you a good indication of how far you've progressed within the main story. The descriptions have been left out to make sure that no spoilers are given for the quests. Within the chapters are key choice points, these will alter your ending of which four are available to conclude with.

Chapter 1: Quarantine
-Eternal Thirst
-Take Me to a Hospital

Chapter 2: White Coat
-Night Shift
-A Rat in the Hospital
-Blackmail in Whitechapel

Chapter 3: Family History
-Causes and Effects
-The Eye was in the Tomb
-The Sad Saint of the East End
-Give a Dog a Bad Name
-Red Rivers
-Burying the Past
Vampyr Screenshot
Chapter 4: Rising Fever
-The Great Hunt
-Shadow Cabinet
-Family Portraits
-Grand Guignol

Chapter 5: Second Opinion
-Unnatural Selection
-Fountain of Life
-And by the Sword you Die
-Science Without Conscience

Chapter 6: Patient Zero
-Guinea Pig

Chapter 7: Healthy Carrier
-Healthy Carrier

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