Underworld Ascendant E3 2018 Preview

Underworld Ascendant is a first person dungeon crawler that tasks players with exploring dungeons and collecting or working towards an objective. While at E3 2018 I was able to get some hands-on time with the game. This is a revamp of what was a more classic title and this is focused towards modern gaming. At the event I was given what was basically a tease of what the full experience will be in terms of level setup, movement and atmosphere.

The goal was to move through this open area to collect some artifact that we weren't given a precise location on. This brought me to an open room that I had to scout out in order to get a feel for things. There are multiple ways to go about completing your mission and that offers choice. The movement system is very fluid as well which offers parkour moments such as hopping off walls or even swinging from ropes which was neat.
Underworld Ascendant Screenshot
Underworld Ascendant is actually rather neat in what it aims to setup. I question the scale of the game, but I only saw a small bit of things. As I began adventuring towards my goal I was focused on looking around and taking in the scenery. There was some good depth within the environment and many threats to access. There were some traps, surprise ones too and a pile of skeleton enemies. They weren't the brightest of foes, but this is a slower combat so they can provide a threat taking multiple hits.

The atmosphere here was dark being all cave focused with particularly presented lights. I moved into this temple area after slicing skeletons and did some wall hopping as I moved along. It was interesting and after wandering I found a glow which led to what I was looking for. My special item was hidden in some tower so I had to get creative movement wise to get it. I also had to escape after grabbing, it was a fine time. The on-hand assistant also mentioned that this will have a director similar to what Left 4 Dead has so missions should feel dynamic to some degree.

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