Turtle Beach Recon 200 and Stealth 300 Headsets E3 2018 Preview

While at E3 2018 Turtle Beach was one of the hardware bookings I had, it was an early morning one as well. I was happy that they gave me a Sprite to enjoy and a cookie to munch on while we chatted about headsets. This time around they're working to revamp the lower end models or well the more affordable line. This is great as they'll be directly taking inspiration from the successful recent Stealth 700/600 series. These models are excellent headsets, I even reviewed the 600 which you can read about from the link below.

Anyways, these two new models are solid for durability and being something that anyone would be able to easily afford. It basically gives access to those that may not be able to invest heavily in a headset for gaming, but still want something better than what might come with their respective platform. This is especially the case now that Fortnite has become so wildly successful for players, the game has even given Turtle Beach an apparently large boost in sales. That makes sense as players will want to chat with one another and these two options help make that something everyone can get into.
Turtle Beach Recon 200 and Stealth 300 Headsets Screenshot
At their behind closed doors meeting room I was able to try both pairs of headsets, the Recon 200 and Stealth 300. This was with the Playstation 4 through Injustice 2 and Far Cry 5. The headsets are however compatible with all platforms through the 3.5mm connection. They both carry an incredible battery time and are durable for any issues that they may face in day to day gaming sessions. They're a similar style to the premium offerings with minimal tweaks to the overall look and functionality. It's impressive seeing this change for the lower end and it'll be great that players will get something of the quality at a good price.

The Recon features a 40mm speakers whereas the Stealth has 50mm, both support variable microphone monitoring so you can audibly get an idea of how you sound. That can be a problem with headsets in that you don't know how loud you're getting while having them on. I look forward to hopefully checking these options out as I do believe they fit a good role in the headset ecosystem, being Turtle Beach and based on the Stealth line I imagine the full release will be quality. The models I got hands-on, or well heads-on time with were basically finished aside from the final coating texture which I did get to see afterwards.

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