Turok Xbox One Review

"Dino Blasting"


With Turok Xbox One we get the remastered version of the classic shooter. This isn't necessarily a full remaster in the sense that it's been completely revamped, but mostly that it has been optimized for the modern hardware. It's an enjoyable, yet simple type of experience where you blast enemies within the campaign. It might seem a tad basic for the current time though I am impressed by some of the unique features that were present. Being a shooter you get a full 3D world to explore, but you can also climb walls or swim.

These were distinct gameplay components at the time and there's also a nontraditional protagonist present which was neat. I don't think I appreciated this is as much when checking it out on PC awhile back as I'm more impressed with this console version. I'll go back to this comment more under gameplay. In the campaign Turok is attempting to deal with supernatural threats and a big bad guy. Along the way he'll blast enemies in a linear, yet freely open environment. There are bosses to tackle and many keys to collect in order to progress. You can also do a tutorial if you need to learn the basics and there's a time trial with that too.


Everything runs really well on console, the controls feel good and the FPS has never been better. This is one aspect I had mentioned earlier, is that on console it feels natural. It also comes across as more of an impressive effort for the title. There are of course cheats present if you'd like to go wild, but they do disable Achievements when applied so use extra saves folks. The visuals were fine though still somewhat foggy which I find odd, this being the far background. I know that's how they were able to make the worlds so open in the past, but I would have perhaps liked to see an option to remove that or increase it. This has to do with the draw distance if that isn't clear. The whole thing runs quite well with many guns to unleash and a pile of enemies to blast through.
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The Conclusion

I like Turok a lot more now that I've played it on the console. It really does handle well there being an excellent single player experience. It's aged alright though for those more used to recent titles, I can see them having adjustment issues. It can be difficult when working through the campaign, but the controller is great here. It's a nice piece of shooter history bringing a wide range of mystical and dino based aspects. The movement system was unique and the way you moved through the world certainly is different for the time it released. It's a fine effort to bring Turok back and it runs well being an alright package. I would have just wanted some more improvements or tweaks to the overall package.

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Turok Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner