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Trials Fusion Picks Week 2

Already onto our second week are we? Well here are three more unique tracks that are each awesome in their own respects for you to search out and download. Each provides a differing experience or environment for you to trial it out on, or check out our video for them below.

Human Plinko (original) - pizzaboy2013

Difficulty: Medium
Basically you play Plinko with yourself as you move through the pegs which actually can be quite daunting and difficult to do.

Jungle Fever - Kush Land 604

Difficulty: Medium
A decent speed based map featuring a more cinematic feel as you make your way through the jungle. Not too hard and just a styalized map more than anything.

Smooth Moves Continues - aarond050

Difficulty: Easy
A nice and simple map that has some beautiful aesthetics pieces that swap in or out as you progress. Filled with nice scenery and a hilarious boat flip slide out end it's awesome.

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Picks by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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