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Trials Fusion Picks Week 1

Rolling on our first week of Trials Fusion tracks. These are three user created maps that I have picked as my favorite for this week, which is the first week of Trials Fusion being released. These are selected on Xbox One, spanning some various difficulties and styles.

Limbo - XDannyGreenX

Difficulty: Easy
A foggy and very interesting styled map featuring everything from rock formations to crumbled bricks. Definitely my favorite pick at this current point.

Play to Win a Cookie - Shortlisted1999

Difficulty: Medium
Really trippy styled map featuring vibrant colors and stretches of open road. The middle is rather boring and end is rather annoying. Still a very interesting map to checkout

Airport 2014 - CaptainKen97404

Difficulty: Easy
Simple and cool looking map that takes place on a tarmac. Basic style as you move through the ramps and various obstacles.

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Picks by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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