Trailblazers Review

"Paint the Track"


Trailblazers is an exciting and entirely unique racing game that truly has its own personality. You blast across a series of tracks painting the course and that in turn increasing your speed upon the next lap. It's a very unique system and one that makes sure every race is different. There's a full lengthy campaign that has text based narrative as you play with each distinct contestant. On top of that there's the quickplay if you just want to race around with up to four local players.

If you have friends in other places and want to race there's support for up to six online players in multiplayer. There's a lot of content present here whether you're wanting regular races or to twist things up with cooperative options. The dynamics at play keep things fresh and there are just a pile of maps to compete on. They all feature a different look, environment and track layout. It was a very pleasant surprise to see how much was packed into this flying racer.


As far as futuristic racing games go, Trailblazers is funky and awesome. It's a lot of fun with a really great soundtrack supporting it all. The tracks vary in length and design with some wild looks. The speed you face is unique each race as it's based on the paint you lay out. You can either leave a trail, or shoot it ahead as say a weapon to spin-out an opponent. Your paint is special, or it matches with others based on the gametype. There are speed boosts that also grant some paint and this dynamic is so fun. You get some insane speed going if the paint lines up though that could change any moment with others getting in the way. All the races felt close with AI that was fair. The look of the vehicles was great and it was a thrilling time.
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The Conclusion

Trailblazers delivers an entirely fresh racing experience using paint and a wild atmosphere. The music is on point helping to set the mood and it fits the visual look ever so well. The game carries that cel shading style and it looks great here fitting the aesthetic well. The characters were fun, there's a full campaign with a story to work through if you'd like. You can of course play against others online or locally as well. It feels like a well rounded racing package that stands out from many others. I loved the painting system and was truly surprised by how well it fit into regular gameplay.

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Trailblazers Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner