Top 5 Shadow of the Tomb Raider Features

Lara Croft is set to return for the concluding portion of her origin trilogy. This will send the character to new locations against the highest of Trinity. Here are the top 5 Shadow of the Tomb Raiders features going over the exciting elements of this gameplay. This is with reference to having played it in Montreal during the reveal event. The rankings below are in no particular order.

#5: Enhanced Visuals

The game will be Xbox One X enhanced being a spotlight for visuals on the platform. It provides native 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps visual modes for graphic options on that platform including HDR as well as Dolby Atmos for audio. It’s also being developed with Nvidia on PC for breathtaking visuals there.

#4: Concluding Narrative

This is the end of Lara Croft’s reboot trilogy, more will come apparently though this is set to resolve the existing story as she becomes the ultimate Tomb Raider after many years of finding her place.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cliff Screenshot

#3: More Phsyicality

Lara has been working out and is now a more confident character. No more finding herself, she knows what needs to be done and will take risks when they present themselves. She’s able to be more direct during combat and can now pull off so many more stunts. This also allows for new equipment which will be awesome.

#2: Fresh Environment

The jungle will be a part of Lara in this adventure as she works seamlessly with it for strategic attacks and more natural movement. It will also be a gorgeous location with hidden tombs, flowing lakes and lost societies.

#1: Better Tools

As mentioned briefly before Lara will have a pile of new tools to get the job done. This includes many favorite returning items and new ones for more advanced tasks. Prepare to swing, hang while repelling and use fresh options for environmental interaction.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner