Top 10 Xbox Backwards Compatible Games

Backwards compatibility matters and with that I'm taking a look at the best Xbox 360 games that are available on Xbox One after a year of the Xbox BC program being in place. I attempted to pick a wide range of titles I'd personally suggest playing if you haven't experienced them and I ranked them mostly by Xbox One time/enjoyment.

#10: Portal 2

Whether you enjoy the single player experience or have a wild time in coop play with a friend, Portal 2 is a worthy time. It's also absolutely hilarious despite being somewhat of a dark world with the like of GLADOS controlling the facility and you just getting back to testing.

Portal 2 Wallpaper

#9: Mass Effect 3

This was the ultimate finale for the Mass Effect series (you should play all three) where your Shepard met his ultimate fate. The ending might have been one of the worst ever in gaming, but the journey was worth it. There's also a great cooperative multiplayer area that I've enjoyed many hours of play with the only negative being its factor into the single player campaign.

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#8: Borderlands

I was immediately sold on this game just from the opening sequence back when it first released and I've loved this series ever since. This first title is truly a gem with some amazing characters, wacky enemies and great adventures to be had with a group of friends. The Borderlands is incredible and Pandora is an awful, yet magical land to explore.

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#7: Fable 2

I'm still waiting for Fable: Anniversary to show up at some point, but until then the solid Fable 2 is there to play. This massive and exclusive RPG takes you through the life of a hero where you choose morality by the actions you take within the world. Gain wives, slay creatures and tackle quests along the glowing Fable trail.

Fable 2 Wallpaper

#6: Red Dead Redemption

Saddle up, it's time for Red Dead Redemption that emulates the west perfectly and was in the highest of demand from most gamers.

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#5: Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a huge title that will always be marked as one of the best titles in the history of gaming. On Xbox One loading times have been greatly improved and the experience is much smoother as you survive in the harsh wasteland that's DC. Choose to do whatever you'd like in the wasteland within a truly free environment.

Fallout 3 Wallpaper

#4: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a writer attempting to find out what happened to his wife, while doing so he uncovers a dark secret of what really haunts the night. Use the power of the light to move through this cinematic and beautiful story about Alan Wake as he fights the darkness. This game is absolutely amazing bringing such a powerful story, definitely a must play.

Alan Wake Wallpaper

#3: Gears of War 3

The entire Gears of War library is on Xbox One at this point and out of the backwards compatible titles Gears of War 3 is the best. I'd suggest playing Ultimate Edition if you want to play the first one, but Gears 3 is perfect. It combines a ruthless multiplayer with an emotional campaign that will bring the tears and an addicting Horde mode featuring trap creation.

Gears of War 3 Wallpaper

#2: Halo Reach

Halo Reach was a truly special title as most Halo games are, it brings a strong campaign that follows Noble as they attempt to fend off the Covenant invasion on Reach. Find out what happened before the Chief's saga with deep characters that are always ready for a good fight. Take the battle to the fantastic online multiplayer featuring years of amazing Forge maps or enjoy waves of the best Firefight ever featured in a Halo game.

Halo Reach Wallpaper

#1: Call of Duty: Black Ops

The numbers Mason, what do they mean? I'm not sure why I put this one first, but I've spent the most of my backwards compatible time playing Zombies with friends as this is the complete experience. The campaign is also great providing shocking moments and a great take on history. The multiplayer was also really gritty featuring the infamous dolphin dive while also being the last grounded title from what I recall.

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