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Top 10 Star Wars Battlefront DLC Maps

It's been confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will be getting a full season pass with a number of levels and that this DLC will focus on the original trilogy. With that in mind I somehow managed to pull together ten possible planets for the DLC to take place on. This honestly was not easy, but I somehow pulled it off and with that here are the Top 10 Star Wars Battlefront DLC maps I want to see for the season pass.

#10: Kashyyyk

What, Kashyyyk was never in the original trilogy. Actually, it was the entire focus of the fabled Star Wars Christmas celebration which takes place during the time and therefore this is a possible planet which would be awesome.

Star Wars Battlefront Kashyyyk

#9: Alderaan's Grave

Everyone who knows anything about Star Wars will always remember the destruction first brought by the Death Star after destroying the beautiful planet of Aleraan. Aside from that fact there's a mission that takes place in the ruins and I actually think it would be amazing to battle on the rocky remains while looking out at the cosmos around you.

Star Wars Battlefront Alderaan's Grave

#8: Dagobah

This map would be relatively easy for DICE to make considering they have all the forest assets created though it would be awesome to have a complete mess of a forest. Dagobah is great because it retains a forest look yet is a mostly just a swamp land filled with thicker plants and fog which would be great to fight in.

Star Wars Battlefront Dagobah

#7: Yavin 4

Yavin 4 is the moon base of the Rebels which is targeted by the Death Star at the end of episode 4, this place is quite well known and has been explored in a past Battlefront. What makes this map unique is the mixture of forest areas and massive ancient temples within that landscape.

Star Wars Battlefront Yavin 4

#6: Death Star

If done properly this could be a really great map to fight on as I'm sure DICE would make it nice and shiny. It would be great to fight in the more clustered corridors of the Death Star and some of the docking bays as well. It could be like the Operation Locker of Battlefront with mass laser blasts.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star

#5: Dantooine

This planet is mentioned only briefly in the original trilogy from Leia as a place of where the Rebel base was located. It's apparently quite remote and it might intrigues me since we've never really seen anything from this planet so the possiblities are endless.

Star Wars Battlefront Dantooine

#4: Ord Mantell

This is one world you most likely haven't heard of since it was only briefly mention by Han Solo during the Empire Strikes Back, but it still counts! The place was home to mostly crime syndicates and largely scarred from wars so it would be interesting to play across a ravishes build landscape as everything else so far is just environmental in the game.

Star Wars Battlefront Ord Mantell

#3: Alderaan

Despite being the target destination of everyone is Episode 4 we actually never even get to see the place. In episode 3 there's a brief view of the place and it's always talked about as being a beautiful landscape, it would certainly be a great place to battle on as it looks fantastic form those small views of it.

Star Wars Battlefront Alderaan

#2: Bespin

Ah, the city of clouds and a world that many have wanted to battle on as it looks beautiful while also bringing in a brand new element of combat. This is of course in regards to the cities floating high in the clouds of the planet so there would be platforms with huge falls through the gas.

Star Wars Battlefront Bespin

#1: Coruscant

I always have loved the look of Coruscant as it's just one big mega city that covers the planet and it looks every so vast. It would be great to fight within this place and just be in awe of the large structures around us and there are many iconic areas that fights could be based around such as the Jedi Temple or the old Senate building.

Star Wars Battlefront Coruscant
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