Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games We Need Year One

With the Nintendo Switch recently announced it's time to take a look at the Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games we need year one on the console. This of course being games or franchises that at least a few of the list should be released during the first year. The WiiU certainly lacked a strong start and it would be silly for Nintendo not to start strong. It's also worthy to note that many of their prime franchises didn't receive many if any releases on WiiU instead opting for 3DS and that creates a feeling they've been working on them for the Nintendo Switch (NS).

#10: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a classic and long running Nintendo franchise, while he did return on WiiU that was actually a fair bit ago. This space in time could definitely leave room for the Kong to return, it would also make sense to be the platformer aspect of the console since Mario appears to be 3D from the teaser.

Nintendo Switch Donkey Kong

#9: Splatoon

While it was already teased for Nintendo Swap I feel the title should be a sequel to the original game as it's been a few years and not a sequel. We may know Splatoon is coming to the platform, we just don't know much about it.

Nintendo Switch Splatoon

#8: Red Dead Redemption 2

What better way to show that Nintendo Swap has third party support than bringing the biggest cowboy epic onto their home and mobile platform. Imagine taking a graceful horse riding experience out on the road or meeting with friends for a shared western experience, having this game shows Nintendo is ready to compete.

Nintendo Switch Red Dead Redemption 2

#7: Call of Duty

Call of Duty might have faltered a bit over the years, but it's still a huge seller and seeing the full version of the game on the console would be an important step for the Switch. This would not only show it has the power to run a proper competitive shooter, but that they're open to getting some of the hardcore titles once again.

Nintendo Switch Call of Duty

#6: Smash Bros

Get ready to smash! The Smash Bros series is one of Nintendo's key competitive games and while it's been somewhat close to the last launch having a big title like this in the first year with an expanded roster could be a great start to the ESports angle they appear to be targeting.

Nintendo Switch Smash Bros

#5: Mario Kart 9

Mario Kart is another huge part of Nintendo consoles and it's been many years now since the last Mario Kart. Having this essential title on the console would be a great start and it was already somewhat shown during the teaser. It would be great to see a high quality Mario Kart that you could take with you and easily play against others, maybe even see some ESports type karting as well at some point.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 9

#4: Pikmin 4

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Pikmin 3, it's been years since even that released in glorious high definition. It looked great, was fun and Pikmin 4 is the perfect title to showcase a quality start to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pikmin 4

#3: Pokémon

Pokémon is another huge Nintendo franchise, with Sun and Moon releasing shortly for 3DS it might be later into the year until we see a release. Despite the quick launch of those two I feel having a Pokémon title in that first year will be a priority for Nintendo. The series is obviously a money maker and recently one of the biggest mobile apps of 2016 as well.

Nintendo Switch Pokémon

#2: Mario Something

Shown in the teaser was a 3D Mario title and this is actually my favorite type of game from the character. We're not sure if this is a launch title like with the other shown games, but they definitely need their biggest mascot out in full and at his best to start off this console right. It would feel odd not seeing Mario immediately grace and I would be shocked to not see it at launch.

Nintendo Switch Mario

#1: Animal Crossing

One of the main reasons I bought a WiiU was on the assumption that I'd eventually get to see a glorious HD Animal Crossing, that day never came. Animal Crossing is a big part of Nintendo, especially for those having grown up with the Gamecube or played that console. This would be the biggest on the console, at least for me and exactly why it's my number one must have Nintendo Switch title.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner