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Top 10 Nintendo NX Must Have Features

I'll be quite honest with my thoughts on Nintendo in recent years and their efforts have been relatively abysmal. I had high hopes when the Wii U came out and since then have been disappointed to the point that I said I won't buy anything else Nintendo in the future as they don't know what they're in games anymore aside from their handhelds though I'm not a mobile gamer so that doesn't help me. With that here are the top 10 Nintendo NX must have features that might make me consider picking up their next console as it's sure to be announced at E3 2016.

#10: Nintendo Amiibo support

While I personally could care less for the Amiibos I know these things are selling like crazy and that people have invested time building up their figures so support for this system is not only a smart financial move for the company, but important for the many people that have bought them.

Nintendo Amiibo

#9: 3rd Party Support

In the past two Nintendo console generations there has been poor third party support from publishers and developers as the consoles have been hard to build for considering how different they've been from other consoles and the weaker hardware. If any ports have been made they're usually very cut down versions or just an entirely different and weaker experience.

3rd party support

#8: Competitive Hardware

This follows the last comment on no party support based on hardware and to really shake things up Nintendo will need to release an actual console with some power. If the rumors are true that both Xbox and Playstation are releasing upgraded consoles there might be even less room for Nintendo NX to fit in.

Nintendo NX competitive hardware

#7: A Proper Name

One of the problems with the Wii U was brand awareness as I could see that at the start of the console's life and even now that people just think it's an upgraded Wii which they don't want as the regular Wii was just a gimmick collecting dust for a half decade. Nintendo NX is obviously a placeholder, but this console needs a name that can be marketed and known easily by everyone.

A Proper Name

#6: Streaming Support

This is a general term I'm using for a broader range of things the console needs to be able to do. All consoles these days support streaming whether that's to Twitch or just to shoot the display to another device to play it there. The Nintendo NX needs some support and definitely the ability to share what players are doing, I know they hate Youtubers though it's a great way to get exposure is to let people share what they're playing with others.

Streaming Support

#5: Backwards Compatibility

I know that Nintendo has traditionally given support for past consoles whether that's in the virtual library or just running the discs and I'd like to see this trend continue onto the next console as I believe it's important that people have access to the games they've paid for or the option to buy them and revisit classic titles.

Backwards Compatibility

#4: Strong Launch Titles

A key part of any console is the games that it launches with and the Wii U list was semi lacklustre. With the recently released Wii U games and titles coming in the future it's best to give up on the Wii U and move those to Nintendo NX. It would be the most stupid thing ever not to move the latest Zelda title over, I know Wii U fans would be mad though their numbers are very limited anyways.

Strong Launch Titles

#3: A Regular Controller

Let's all be honest here for a second, the Wii U gamepad is just stupid. It's a clunky, large and awkward controller which only has the benefit of the second screen. I've also seen the leaked designs for the Nintendo NX controller and they just honestly need to release a regular controller that people are comfortable gaming on. I personally find the Wii U Pro controller to be a perfect example.

A Regular Controller

#2: An Actual Online Service

The Wii U's online service is horrible, it's laggy and worst of all almost impossible to have any social interaction. I always call back to one moment where a friend and I actually turned on our Xbox consoles just to chat in order to setup multiplayer. Nintendo needs to allow the service to grow up a bit as people need to be able to interact or you just have this gloomy desolate console that no one creates any memories on.

An Actual Online Service

#1: Animal Crossing

I have the fondest memories of playing Animal Crossing on the Gamecube and it's the reason I kept the Wii U so long was on the odd chance and prayer that there might be a new full Animal Crossing game. It's a bit of a silly ender though for me, it would sell the console as I know this game could provide me unlimited hours of enjoyment. Animal Crossing

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