Top 10 Most Anticipated Playstation Games 2018

Playstation brought the games in 2017 and that momentum only seems to be building towards this next year with another selection of stellar releases that are sure to be hits. With that, I wanted to compile a most anticipated list for the biggest games headed to Playstation 4 over the year from first party titles to all other games set to release. These games should make a fairly large impact on the console throughout 2018. I also wanted to choose games that would most likely actually release in the year or have some sort of confirmation to do so (no official confirmation on delays for any of them at least). This list also doesn't include any remasters. Here are the Top 10 Most Anticipated Playstation Games 2018.

#10: Darksiders III

I'm rather curious in regards to how this third entry will actually turn out. It's been awhile since the previous two games released and a couple remasters of those two later the new game is finally releasing. The initial trailers look promising with a very different attitude for the lead character, hopefully it is a bold new game in the series.

#9: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

I certainly enjoyed Kiwami with its intense narrative and thrilling action, so I'm definitely somewhat intrigued by this sixth entry. I may be behind story wise, though it's never too late to catch up and there's a lot of expectations for this one. It was originally released in Japan, but I'm counting it since it's hitting the west this year.

#8: Metro: Exodus

The Metro series has had a very powerful narrative thus far, the first two games are creepy providing a horrifying look at a post nuclear Russian society. The metro is their home since it was all that was left so with this next chapter I'm very interested how things in the world will have changed. I'm also curious if the existing story might be adjusted after the ending of the last release. Will they pick one ending as the direct canon or ignore it altogether, if you've played the game it had a rather direct and impactful conclusion.

Monster Hunter World PS4

#7: Monster Hunter: World

This one has really been played up on Playstation 4 offering a large world to go about hunting various creatures in. It looks fantastic and with a focus on cooperative play it should be a blast for groups of friends or randoms to work together against various large scale beasts in.

#6: Days Gone

I'm probably not as excited for this one as others are. The story could have some great potential to it though it'll be the creativity in how the world is setup that will be a draw. For now it seems like another somewhat zombie focused adventure through a destroyed world. The big advantage here seems to be the massive groupings of enemies in a very confined spot.

#5: Detroit: Become Human

I love narrative driven experiences and with this game it's all about choice. Players get to move through very differing story paths as they attempt to navigate a world that's in chaos. Really looking forward to seeing how much variation will be present.

God of War Playstation 4

#4: Anthem

Anthem has the potential to be an absolutely massive draw from its large backing and a focus on bringing something that can directly compete with Destiny. The online multiplayer in a cooperative setting can be an exciting thing for groups and generally the game looks expansive. It will definitely be one of the most in focus games moving towards the launch with a lot of mystery considering very few details have been revealed on the game.

#3: Red Dead Redemption 2

The long desired western sequel will probably be a smash hit working towards the same crazy level as Grand Theft Auto V. It will be large in scope and perhaps one of the most intense online experiences players will ever see. There's definitely a lot of excitement around the game and it will most likely have great longevity. It should be extra great on Playstation with the marketing and whatever comes with that.

#2: Spiderman

My favorite hero is Spiderman and while I have enjoyed the recent games with the character, this one truly seems to be a large scale take on the universe of the character. This appears to have a strong dedication to the lore and the various issues Peter Parker has to deal with. It also looks like a lot of fun and hopefully it delivers.

#1: God of War

Characters in gaming have certainly aged and now with a son we must take on a new set of gods against gorgeous backdrops within fresh environments. There appears to be an emotional story behind this as the two head out into the world on a very personal mission. There should be some unique dynamics in what's now a much older version of the character from which we remember.

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