Top 10 Game Vacation Spots 2015

It's certainly been an exciting year for gaming and the locations we've visited are charming as ever. With this list we're taking a look at the top 10 game vacation spots with all the best places to visit from this past year. From the city life, to ancient monuments or even peaceful towns we have it all on this year's list! This is of course done in no particular order since we don't believe any game vacation spot is better than another.

#10: Sanghelios (Halo 5: Guardians)

A culture long closed off to the entire galaxy has finally opened. Travel to this beautiful location spot filled with ruins of ancient culture, monuments and structures which showcase a rich history just awaiting its first visitors.

Halo 5: Guardians - Sanghelios

#9: The Island (Ark: Survival Evolved)

This trip is more of an experience than anything as you will awaken on a beach with no clue of what's going on and be given a package included wrist monitor. Fun times are sure to be had by all as you roam with the dinosaurs or play fetch with the Dodo birds.

Ark: Survival Evolved Dodo

#8: Sunken City Ruins (Submerged)

The perfect location for those that love spelunking, boating or checking out lost ruins then this is the place for you. The sunken city features numerous hotspots and monuments with many friendly yet shy locals. Everything is beautifully overgrown and really gives a nice opposite to the flowing ocean below.

Submerged Sunken City Ruins

#7: Victorian London (Assassin's Creed: Syndicate)

A key capital during their industrial revolution featuring a bustling city life and great political structures is the perfect place with those that love the classical feeling. Be wary of thugs, smog or creepy people diving off buildings. That aside, London features beautiful structures, a thrilling market and a rich history.

Until Dawn Blackwood Mountain in AB, Canada

#6: Blackwood Mountain in AB, Canada (Until Dawn)

It's time to travel to beautiful Alberta in Canada to the lovely mountain range and particularly to Blackwood Mountain which is a hotspot for tourists along with locals of the surrounding cities as well. The area is ever peaceful and a great natural area to escape from the busy city life.

Rare Replay

#5: Arcadia Bay, Oregon (Life is Strange)

Arcadia Bay is the perfect place to escape the city life and just take in the fresh air. With the town being located right along the beach you can always go for a swim and the people are always friendly. The local diner serves great grub and I definitely suggest checking out the local academy school as it houses the brightest minds in many cultural classes. Do be wary of occasional storms which may appear in the region, that aside the weather is usually beautiful with a glowing sun if you're around at the right time.

Arcadia Bay, Oregon

#4: Medici (Just Cause 3)

Welcome to a lovely tropical island of Medici which has many sites and thrilling excursions to take part in across this small area of land. There are many things to do like parachuting, wing suiting or generally taking in the beautiful sites in this sunny spot. Just beware of some civil unrest across the island, though it'll still be a blast!

Just Cause 3 Medici

#3: Endor (Star Wars Battlefront)

Come take in the sites at one of oldest and most natural forests in the entire galaxy on Endoor! The forests can be absolutely quiet with even more calm lakes found throughout the high tree top cover. Aside from quiet nature walks you can also zip around on speederbikes or have BBQ with the local Ewok population which are basically lovely teddy bears, just don't wear white.

Endor Star Wars Battlefront

#2: The Commonwealth (Fallout 4)

Boston may have experience a nuclear occurrence, but things are better now and The Commonwealth is a great place to visit. We have many friendly locals including Ghouls; Radroaches, super mutants, raiders and regulars which all will help you out for only bottle caps! We have a rich history here despite most of it being destroyed or radiated and a thriving marketplace within our old Baseball stadium. The Commonwealth is definitely a great and vibrant place to visit for your holiday.

The Commonwealth Fallout 4

#1: Novigrad (The Witcher 3)

Come and explore the heart of this Redania in Novigrad. This port city is filled with a lively population with some of the finest merchants available during the day and the best bars when the night falls. Being a port city there's great access to the ocean if you love fishing or sailing and locations available to do so. The city is also in close proximity to many smaller towns and an open country side with great culture to visit. Beware of mystical happenings as many tales are told of these crazy beasts, if you're lucky you may also see a Witcher in action as well.

Novigrad The Witcher 3

With that we have the top 10 game vacation spots with those stellar locations listed above which will be an amazing travel for you or even a number of friends.

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